Peavy looking like a Brave!!

The Braves are looking to trade for 07 Cy Winner Jake Peavy in a deal that includes 3 prospects and a major league ready player. There has been many names tossed around including Schafer, Medlen, Escobar, Kelly Johnson, Prado, Flowers, Heyward, Freeman, Anderson, and Hanson.
It is not positive that the Padres are going to let go of Peavy, but it is very possible with 2 or 3 of those players plus some other minor league talent in there. Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to Atlanta or Houston, but Houston does not really have the peices that the Padres need. There has also been talk of moving him to the Dodgers or the Yankees, but the Braves are the favorites. Khalil Greene could also be thrown in if Escobar is included in the deal. Schafer and Hanson are not likely to get dealt.
Smoltz, Glavine, Hampton, and Ohman are all free agents and could all be resigned for 09.
Lowe, Garlander, Sabathia, and Dempster are all possible pitchers the Braves are looking at. It could change depending if the Braves get Peavy.
Andruw Jones is looking to leave L.A. after a horrible 08 season. 


  1. wisbrave

    Regardless of how this peavy trade works out, Braves will be most likely in high persuit of Lowe to balance out the rotation “C.C. most likely too high”. Our possible left handers are Glavine and Hampton if they sign and stay healthy, that’s a big IF on healthy. Not to mention they are year to year solutions at most. Our right handers J.J.,Campillo, Hudson “August”, Hanson if ready, Parr possibly, Peavy if we get him. Bernett Sheets and Dempster are righties.

    If nothing else the Braves will drive up the price for the Mets who have interest in him.

  2. wisbrave

    Am I the only one that is worried about Peavys splits? Last year he had a 2.85 Era, at Petco he had 1.74 ERA, and on the road he had a 4.28 ERA. The guy seems like he was made for Petco Park. What ERA are we going to get and what ERA are we trading for? My guess is that his ERA will be 3.25 – 3.50 some where in that region, if he comes to Atlanta, which is still good, but I have a feeling that every one is expecting the 2.85 ERA. I do hope he comes to Atlanta, but I’m sketchy about what we are supposedly offering to get him.

  3. Darion

    Well I think that his ERA should be around 2.90-3.40.
    It really depends if Peavy can get used to Turner Field quickly and if he does, then it will be a lot easier. Turner Field is more of a pitchers park, but last year, it seemed like a hitters park, well at least for every other team it did. Peavy might even have the luxury of having 2-3 Hall of Fame pitchers helping him with things.

  4. Darion

    That is a pretty good article I must say. That could be the real piece to put us back in the playoffs, depending on how much money he could regain. It would be very interesting if he does buy back the Braves. I wonder what would happen…

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