Andruw for 09?

As we know Andruw Jones isn’t what he used
to be. After a horrible 07 with the Braves and an even worse
08 with the Dodgers, Andruw wants to return to Atlanta. The
Dodgers would be willing to trade him probably for a sack of
bananas and they would pay the majority of the 15 million
that he makes in 2009. I wanted to know what do you think
about that? Maybe we will throw Maddux on the team to and it
will be just like the good ol’ days. I personally do want to
have Andruw back (Maddux too but on the pitching staff) but
he has to preform like he actually use to for a role on the


  1. wisbrave

    Maddux’s numbers last season I believe are slightly misleading, he played for the padres most of last season. Very little support defensively with multiple errors behind him. Then there’s that game were he got shelled coming back on short rest after the padres used their entire pitching staff on the game before that went into some insane amount of extra inning, leaving Maddux the only pitcher for the next game. His pitch count was well above his norm, in fact I can not remember a game in his career that his pitch count went even close to that high.
    With all that aside, Maddux is nearing the end of his career as a pitcher. Along with reports of him considering retirement. I still think he is capable as a fourth or fifth starter. I’m not saying Braves should try to talk him out of retiring and bring him back, although I would like to see him retire as a Brave. Just not at the expense of next season.

  2. Darion

    Maddux has a chance for next year, but if he came to the Braves, I would throw him in the bullpen. He can just throw an inning or 2 every 3 days and he is fine. I really just want him to retire as a Brave and retire with Smoltzy and Glavine.

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