Let the Games Begin!

Well the Free Agent Market reopened today and this is where all the excitement is. There are a few names out there that the Braves are looking at.
Burnett, Lowe, Dempster, Tazawa, Furcal and Renteria(depends on Peavy deal), Sheets, and Garland.
Former Braves in the FAM that the Braves might bring back: Smoltz, Norton, Ohman, and Smoltz.
Although the outfield may be covered by prospects (Schafer and Anderson), Wren might find one through trade with Ankiel, Ordonez, Ludwick, and Andruw Jones the most likely. In the FAM, there is also Dunn, Burrell, and Ibanez.
Look for a surprise trade as well or a trade to get rid of players such as Diaz, Thorman, Miller, Acosta, and a couple of smaller prospects.
Sabathia, Tex, and Ramirez ARE NOT gonna become Braves so stop thinking about it now. If the Braves get the Peavy deal done and sign Burnett or Lowe, then expect them to resign either Hampton, Glavine, or a 2nd tier pitcher. If Glavine retires, Hampton goes elsewhere, and there is not good FA available, expect Parr, Morton, Reyes, or Hanson to get called up. Campillo is most likely a starter next year so it will be a
FA/Parr/Morton/Reyes/Hanson rotation.


  1. Darion

    Well I dont know who should be but my prediction for the rotation is Peavy, Jurrjens, Tazawa, Campillo, and Parr unless Reyes/Morton, Hanson, or Redmond outperform Campillo or Parr in Spring Training. Burnett will most likely go somewhere else and if we dont get Tazawa, look for Garland to fill his spot or someone else by trade. Once Hudson if healthy again, he might start in the bullpen for a week or so and then move into the rotation and push Campillo back into the pen.

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