Has Towers Met His Match?

Finally, the Cubs are no longer trying to get Peavy.

Today Lou Piniella said that they will no longer pursuit Peavy  and will focus on an outfielder. Towers, as we all thought, will come crawling back to the Braves’ offer, but will the Braves have the same offer? Furcal and Renteria seem like the most likely and only options for the Braves if we decide to trade Escobar in the Peavy deal. I prefer Furcal since he hit around .357 before coming on the DL  for the rest of the season. His back is suppose to be better and I would definitely take him since Renteria hit in the .260s with around 55 RBI’s and 10 HRs. I am well aware that he has a .300 average in the NL, but you never know what will happen.
Anyways, I’m happy Towers can not use the Cubs name in the trade anymore, but I feel like he might just throw in the Dodgers and/or the Yankees name in it. Let’s just hope we can get this deal done before Sabathia signs and Renteria and Furcal go elsewhere. It is now the MAIN PRIORITY in my opinion. Once we get this Peavy deal done, not only will I sleep well, but we can focus on the other things that will make the Braves contenders yet again!


  1. Luke Goddard

    Man, I’m so excited that the Cubs backed down on their pursuit for Peavy. Towers can throw the Yankees in the mix all he wants, but Peavy will NOT go to the Yankees. So, Towers isn’t fooling me! Peavy wants to stay in NL. As for the Dodgers, that’s scary. That could seriously happen, especially as they are preparing to get rid of Lowe.

    So, you don’t see Dye coming back? You know Wren has had SEVERAL conversations with the White Sox GM…

    We have a couple of things in common. We both love the Braves and we’re both Christians.


  2. Kaybee

    Well, I am glad that Jake isn’t going to the Cubs. But I hope he doesn’t go anywhere! Towers is kind of stuck right now. He wants to trade Jake, but the best deal might have already passed him by. He can’t be building the rest of the team unless he know what’s up with Jake. So he’s going to try to trade Jake soon. Argh. I wonder what the Braves deal is now, though.

  3. Darion

    I can see Dye back in Atlanta, but I think Wren will try the Kelly Johnson- Ludwick or Ankiel deal first. If that doesn’t work, that would definitely be the next thing to try and work out. I would love to have him in Atlanta, but what do the ChiSox want for him?

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