Happy Thanksgiving!!

Well it’s time for me to put my “What I’m Thankful For” post. There are numerous things that I’m thankful for so I will just list as many things as I can.

  • My family and friends. Without them I would be nothing.
  • God. The great lord above! I think him for creating us and giving us power to do the things we do. He is the one who is responsible for this world and us, and we can’t thank him enough.
  • Jesus Christ. Our Saviour. The Son of God. The one who gave his life for us.
  • Sports. Life is a lot more exciting with them and they are my favorite thing to do.
  • Alabama. The place where I was born and raised. I’ve lived here for all but two years of my life. Also I’m very happy ‘Bama is #1 is football.
  • Braves. The only baseball team I have ever rooted for and the only team I ever will. Next year is the year and I can feel it!
  • Soccer. My favorite sport. I love baseball, but I am a true soccer lover. Ever since I started, I cannot stop playing.
  • MLBlogs.com. The site that has helped me express my feelings and opinions about the Braves and other baseball teams.
  • America. the land of freedom and opportunities.
  • Computers and phones. Without them, I simply would not be the same. =)
  • You guys. Without the people who read my blog, this would be quite boring.
  • Music. It helps me relax and enjoy life the way I do now.
  • Just about everything else. I love everything and I think God for
    helping it happen. I’m glad for everything that has happened to me and
    I hope good things continue to happen.

It’s so great to have this holiday and it helps us realize the great things in life. Have a Happy Thanksgiving!!!


  1. Darion

    Towers will give in to our deal of Esco, Boyer, Hernandez, Jojo, and maybe Locke, and then Wren will sign Burnett to a 5 year deal. Yes I said it. A 5 year deal. But I’m not sure for how much. I just have the feeling that it is going to happen.

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