My Most Recent Predictions

I have predicted many, many lineups for the Braves this year, but now I am going to make my final prediction and stick to it until it’s no longer possible. I will also predicted any MAJOR trades/free agent signings. It’s impossible to know all the little AAA and AA guys we sign that can’t make it on majors. Well here it is.
C- McCann. No comment here. Sammons will be the backup unless one gets injured. Then Flowers gets the call up
1st- Kotchman. I could see Prado, McCann if needed, Thorman, or even Flowers playing here —–IF—- needed.
2nd- Prado. Infante and Gotay will back him up.
3rd- Chipper. Again no comment except that Infante, Gotay, and Prado could back him up
SS- Furcal. Renteria is another choice but I’m giving my pick to the man who we made into what he is today. Lillibridge and Prado will be backups, NO INFANTE HERE. Oh and yes Escobar is a Padre next year.
OF- Frenchy, Schafer, and…….Dye. The big surprise here is…… Andruw Jones ladies and gentlemen!! Andruw will be a Brave, but only used as a backup. The other backup includes Anderson, Infante, and Diaz.

Transactions- Peavy for Jojo, Esco, Boyer, Hernanadez, and Locke. Dye and Vazquez for Brandon Jones and a couple of Prospects. Jones for a couple of prospects with little value and the Dodgers will pay most of his contract.  Kelly Johnson, Blanco and Chuck James will be included in one of the three and I am going to say so will Morton along with those prospects.

1. Peavy
2. Burnett
3. Jurrjens
4. Vazquez with Hanson in at the middle of the year.
5. Campillo with Hudson replacing him when he’s ready.
WHEN someone gets injured, the following pitchers will replace them in order: Redmond, Hanson, Bennett, and Carlyle

Smoltz- Closer
Soriano- 2nd Closer
Gonzalez- 3rd Closer
Parr- yes he is usually a starter but I say move him to the ‘pen
There are gonna be maybe a couple of other guys but I’m not sure how they will do during Spring Training.
Thorman, Stockman, Hanson, and Redmond will probably see some time during the season, but there are so many guys on Atlanta’s roster that I’m not sure about so I won’t say I’m sure they will.

Yes there are a heck of a lot crazy trades that may occur, but this is just how I see it. We will use every penny of that 45 million for it though. The Andruw thing might not fall though because of money issues, but I won’t guess on the money.

Glavine will retire , Hampton won’t resign, and we will get rid of Miller forever. A couple of other things will happen but I’m not sure what they will be.

Feel free to call me crazy, but I am only giving you my opinions. Anyone who wants to share comments, opinions, or thoughts, feel free to comment.


  1. eddiejoost

    You have a very interesting scenario there but I don’t think it is realistic. AJ will not be satisfied as a backup outfielder next year. He will have a mediocre season with LA and then sign with Atlanta in 2010.

    C Brian McCann

    1B Kotchman

    2B Prado

    SS Escobar (Infante as backup)

    3B Chipper

    LF Dye

    CF Schafer

    RF Francoeur (will surprise this year)

    Kelly Johnson will be traded to Padres for Peavy along with
    Reyes, Locke, Gorkys Hernandez, and Blaine Boyer

    Diaz, Infante, Paul Bako, Diory Hernandez and Anderson, will be utility players



  2. Darion

    I think it’s pretty realistic. The Andruw thing is the most unlikely, but it might happen. Vazquez will probably get traded with Dye so I just threw him in there. You also forgot Gotay and Moylan and I forgot Diory Hernandez. Andruw doesn’t start in LA anymore so he is going to have to prove himself again before he does start.

  3. Luke Goddard

    I enjoyed this blog. There are a couple of things though…

    First off, when Wren told Andruw that they were releasing him, he said, “You’re not in our plans for the future.” While I would love to see Andruw come back to Atlanta and return to form, I think it is unlikely, especially in 2009. But, I don’t see it happening ever. However, if you consider his horrible year in LA, the Braves may be able to get him for cheap. The money issue was really the whole reason the Braves had to get rid of him. His performance wasn’t matching his financial demands. If he comes back for a cheap price and has a good year, then I could see him getting signed by someone again. He’s still young.

    Also, Hampton… He will be pitching next year somewhere. I have a good feeling it will be with the Braves. My predictions with him is that he’ll have a completely healthy season with a 3.85-4.20 ERA. He’ll be solid, at best.

    I think Burnett wants to come to Atlanta. It’s just a matter of giving him that 5th year. As for Peavy, personally, I think he and Towers have pissed Wren off, although I still think the Braves would take him any minute.

  4. Darion

    I just don’t see Hampton pitching for us. I can see him pitching for the Astros or another team. I think he wants to pitch closer to home, although he does owe us. The Andruw thing is the most unlikely, but you never know what could happen these days. I heard some rumors about it not too long ago, but that is absolutely the LAST thing to happen if it does happen. It depends how much money we have left over.

  5. megamet

    Now that you don’t have a 3 foot plate to work with like you did for so many years down in Atlanta, Cy Young couldn’t even bail you out of this piss poor pathetic god awful baseball team. Chipper wants to come to Flushing, don’t want him. But lately there’s been a buzz about Smoltz heading to BIG APPLE, and I’ll gladly take him. Kiss him goodbye loser boy, and say so-long to winning ball cause Atlanta ain’t even in the discussion any more. Bye Bye Bravos Bye Bye.

    Get all your hot stove info at, and we thank you for your support.


    1. Peavy
    2. Burnett
    3. Jurrjens
    4. Vazquez with Hanson in at the middle of the year.
    5. Campillo with Hudson replacing him when he’s ready.
    WHEN someone gets injured, the following pitchers will replace them in order: Redmond, Hanson, Bennett, and Carlyle

    one down, 2 to go. If this ends up happening then Then I believe the Braves are going to have one of the most dominant rotations ever in Baseball. We’re talking 250+ K’s from both Burnett and Vazquez and Peavy and Jurjenns showing their magic also. What is best about this is the contracts that keep this rotation for a while. My personal belief is that If the Braves managed to get both Burnett and Peavy then Hudson needs to be traded. Not that I want to see him go but his value is minimal for us now unless he signs an extension. You could probably find a relatively inexpensive good bat in the OF for Hudson, and you end up with Peavy, Burnett, Vazquez, Jurjenns and Campillo/Hanson for the next 2 years. Take Vazquez out of that in 2011 and its still gold. Peavy, Burnett, Jurjenns, Hanson through what, 2014? And by that time your bound to have another great pitching prospect (There are a couple drafted this year I really like) to fill in slot #5 mixed in with whoever else is still with the organization. As much as I hope the Braves do well this year, I’m already really looking froward to 2010, because this is my projected offense to go along with that staff:
    C: Brian Mccann
    1B: Casey Kotchman
    2B: Kelly Johnson
    SS: Rafael Furcal
    3B: Chipper Jones
    RF: Jeff Francouer
    CF: Jordan Schafer
    LF: Jason Heyward
    Off the Bench: Prado, Infante, whichever OF is left in the system

    This is a World Series Team, and it is going to last for many years.

  7. Darion

    I’m not sure that Heyward would be ready for ’10 but Anderson surely will so just replace them and we are fine. The Braves might, just maybe, be willing to give up 55 million this year, but we would have to cut back in ’10. The 55 million would be enough to sign Peavy, Burnett, Ludwick, and even Furcal. I’m not sure though.
    Chipper is making 15million, and it will most likely be around the 9million road next year. McCann will be making 2 million more next year, but we need to keep Hudson and sign him an extension for around 13 million a year. We also won’t have Smoltz in ’10. We need to get rid of Diaz, Miller, Blanco, and Brandon Jones and that will free up a little more than 2million.
    We need all the money we can get right now, but we still have a long shot if we want to sign all the players that we really need.

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