Now it’s time to Stop Playing Games

Why Towers? This is seriously gone too far for too long. I want Peavy now as most of us do. Towers is going to try to get more out of us for him, or he is seriously going to send him to the Cubs using the Orioles.
COME ON! We can’t let this guy


Get in our way of Jake

This is what I would be willing to give up
Escobar, Morton  AND  Reyes if necessary, Locke, Boyer, Hernandez, and maybe another player such as Ascota or a couple of low level prospects. That is lightyears better than what they would be getting from the Cubs. I don’t want a player such as Locke to be blocking one of the greatest players in the game. Wren needs to do what he has do, but don’t give up Hanson or Schafer. They have big upsides and could even become close to what Peavy is after a couple of years.
In other news, Tazawa decided to spend 2 years in the Red Sox AAA instead of going somewhere else and starting. I really wanted him to come to the Braves, but that is not going to happen.
Well Wren, it’s time to get started before the REAL trouble begins when teams miss out on Burnett and Sabathia. Then we have the Sox, the Yanks, and both LA teams going in for Peavy. The Angels actually look like they could be competitive with our offer. If we can get Peavy early, we can get Burnett and Furcal as well. Then, the Braves will be back.


  1. Grant McAuley

    I don’t think the trade for Peavy is off the table. The recent buzz about the Orioles getting involved as a third party to facilitate a trade with the Padres and Chicago doesn’t seem to give much more depth to the deal – and it certainly doesn’t look better than what the Braves are willing to deal away to get Peavy. There’s some part of me that has some concern about giving up more than four players to acquire him. I think Towers is hoping that’s precisely what the Braves would do for fear of missing out. Escobar is high quality, Morton and/or Reyes have shown flashes and are Major League ready starters, Gorkys Hernandez is more my flavor than Jordan Schafer – but you have to give to get. Going beyond those four (unless we’re talking Blaine Boyer or a Jeff Locke) is simply too many players going one way.

  2. wisbrave

    I’ve been checking on different blogs, rumors and what ever else that I can come across and I can not find anything that is realistic or better than what the Braves have offered. The cubs are short on money and have class A free agent Wood to offer arbitration to. If they don’t they won’t get the Draft picks. Wood will most likely take arbitration if it is offered to him, which will defiantly leave them with less money to fit Peavys contract. Even with the O’s it is very unlikely in my opinion.

    Then as the winter meetings start up Towers is going to drag Angels into this mess as much as he can for more competition. Cubs even with a third team will be out matched for the Angels or the Braves. Towers will try to start up talks with the Braves again to match against the Angels. If Angels lose out on getting C.C. then they might be competition for Peavy, but if they sign C.C. that will leave just the Braves as the only realistic option for the Padres.

    Then if Towers drags this out till the F.A market dries up the Padres are really going to get screwed on this deal because the Braves will change their offer.

  3. Darion

    I hope all of it gets resolved in a week and we know where he is going, even if the Braves. It is just hurting us mentally and blocking us from knowing who we should pursuit and who we shouldn’t, especially in the SS position.

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