Astros sign Hampton

Well I called this one and saw it coming. The Astros have signed Mike Hampton and the deal will go through depending on a physical. The deal is a 1 year deal worth 2 million with possible bonuses depending on health and games appeared in.
Of course, I did predict this and I’ not surprised he did not resign.
Like every other Braves fan, I’m a little pissed since we paid him around 30 million to sit on the bench for 2.5 years, go 3-4, and hit like 4 doubles, but that’s just baseball for ya. It’s sad to see him go, but I hope he does well with them and doesn’t get injured, regardless of how much we wasted on him.
This is bad for the Braves considering he was a backup plan. This is the 3rd pitcher we have had interest in and signed somewhere else (Tazawa, Dempster). Now we REALLY need to go out and get both Peavy and Burnett. They are the people we need more than anyone else that we can actually afford.

In other news, Dale Murphy and Ron Gant will get chances to go the the Hall of Fame. This will be Gant’s first year. Both, in my opinion, deserve to go. Hopefully, they will get some votes.

According to Dave O’Brien,  The Braves offered him a higher contract, but he chose to be close to his Phoenix home. I’m a bit disappointed in that one.


  1. Luke Goddard

    Darion, I’m sad to see Hampton go for only ONE reason: this dwindles our chances for a solid rotation next year even more. I’m getting kind of nervous now.

    You’re right, we need to go for Peavy and Burnett with full force. Wren is going to have to drop his pride and go forth again with negotiations with Towers—something I’m sure Wren doesn’t want to do after telling the Pads that he’s no longer going to “actively” pursue Peavy.

    Well, Mr. Wren, now you have to….

  2. Los

    I too am ticked off with Hampton but hey, what can you do. I also think that we should not go after Peavy but Burnett. We do not need to give up Escobar and our prospects for Jake. Sign a second tier guy for a one year deal. Then look forward to a nasty rotation in 2010

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