‘Bama had an Amazin’ Run

Well, for the first time this year, Alabama lost. I was born a Bama fan and have always been one. Last year was such a disappointment that I though we would not have another National Championship run for years to come, even though we had the best coach (yes there is no argument here, it’s a fact). Man was I wrong.
We started off by the amazing recruiting. We picked up one of the best, if not the best Freshman WRs in the nation, Julio Jones. We also picked up a couple of other very important people that helped us (Mark Ingram and Terrence “Mt.” Cody were very noticeable). That gave me hope that we would be one of the top 10 teams in 2010-2011.
My prediction for this year was go 8-4 and reach a bowl game, and that was somewhat decent. We were even preranked #24, which was great considering our 7-6 record last year.
We started off beating a preranked #9 Clemson team. We not only beat them, we CRUSHED them.
I felt good about that, even though there were a lot of people saying that they were ranked WAY too high (which proved to be completely right), but I didn’t care. It helped us move up in the rankings. We had a couple of good and bad games after that. We were ranked #8 by the time we went to Georgia to face the #3 Bulldogs. People were saying we weren’t gonna win and that Georgia was going to show us what reality was. To make this short, we scored more points at halftime than they did the whole game.
That win just boosted us up and help prove those people who would say “Bama is NO WHERE CLOSE to being back,” refering to back in the days when Alabama was regularly in the National Championship. We went from there and continued to play good for a FULL game, unlike the games in ’07 where we would play good for the 1st half and then choke in the 2nd. We were actually a team  

I was really excited.
We then moved up to number 2 and stayed there for a couple of weeks. I am not even going to talk about the Big 12 mess and USC and what happened. To make it short, they all lost and we became the new #1 for the first time since ’92, the year we won it all. We stayed at number coming into a very anticipated game. 
We were 10-0 coming into the big LSU game. This was a huge game considering our Coach Nick Saban was the former LSU coach. He also lead them to a National Championship. It was very emotional and we won in an overtime thriller. We FINALLY showed people we were the REAL thing, not just an all-talk team. Of course you all know the Florida story and how they crushed every team ever since they lost to Ole Miss. With all the Drama that followed us, (Oklahoma, Texas, Georgia, Penn State, Florida, Texas Tech, USC) we ended up being the only team from one of the major 6 conference that was still undefeated. We came into the last regular season game of the season. It happened to be against our biggest rival, Auburn.
They had a 6 game win streak coming into the game, and ,even though they were on the verge of having a losing record, were looking for number 7. We were not going to let that happen. We ended up playing a great game and shut the out 36-0.
We had finally done everything we wanted to accomplish and more. There was not much left to do except go to Atlanta and play a great Florida team.
That happened today (or yesterday depending on the time zone). If you haven’t heard, we played them in one of the best personal game I have ever seen in college football. It would have been the best this year, but the Texas Tech v. Texas game was the better one. Even though we lost this game, we did everything that we needed to do over the next 4 years.
I’m disappointed we lost, but I’m not mad. We weren’t suppose to be in this situation for another 2-3 years! Saban was worth every penny of the contract we paid him. He helped us get back on tract and showed us how we are REALLY suppose to play football. The only game we lost was against who I think is the best team in the nation, and we could have won it if it weren’t for a couple of mistakes. Tebow is one of the best QBs I have ever seen in college football, even though I still think Sam Bradford is the best. Tebow definitely put on one of the best games tonight. I’m not gonna be a sore loser and say Florida cheated or got lucky. They deserved it.

I’m just glad we didn’t give up more than 40 or 50 points. We got everything we wanted, and we still get to go to a bowl game.

Well to wrap it up, I thank God for taking us to the SEC Championship and I thank Saban for coaching us. We had no expectations this year but to go to a bowl game. Instead, we are going to a BCS bow game. There was no real one MVP on this team. The MVP goes to the whole team for working as a unit. Everyone has doing their part and it showed on the field. Good Work Bama. Also, I will be going for Florida in the NC, since we do have to support SEC teams. Look out for Bama in 09! Next year, I expect another undefeated season! 
You still think we aren’t Back?

ROLL TIDE ROLL  Alabama vs. Georgia by Diamondduste.

Oh, and by the way, Expect Julio Jones and Mark Ingram to have their names in Heisman consideration in a couple of years.

Update: Bama will be playing Utah in the Sugar Bowl in January. The Utes happen to be 12-0, so this should be a good one. Hopefully, Alabama will show them what the SEC tastes like!



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