Braves Interested in… Everything?

As you can tell, the Braves have been in many trade discussion, with the addition to a couple of free agents. I thought we were mostly going to focus on the free agent market with the exception of the Peavy deal and a couple of others. Speaking of Peavy, it looks like he will not become a Brave this season. It’s not impossible, but it looks like Towers wants to be, well lets just say stupid for the sake of the kids, and only trade him to the Cubs.
Well anyway the Braves have their eyes on Ludwick, Ankiel, Dye, Hart, Hermida, and Ibanez for the outfield. The also are exploring the possibility of sending Frenchy to the Royals for Zack Greinke. That would be a steal for the Braves, but I really don’t want to trade him. Every player has a bad year, maybe not as bad as his, but they all have one. Let’s give him one more chance Atlanta! Especially since he’s always got that smile on his face, even if he screwed up, you never see him frown. That’s a god attitude.

Plus he’s a fan favorite

Braves 2006 Jeff Francoeur by kellyhunt2.
I say keep Frenchy.

The Braves have also been in a lot of talk with Burnett and many other pitchers. I just hope we have a solid rotation, Peavy or no Peavy. Wren, I wanna hear some Smoltz talk. Everyone knows he is going to pitch, so please just talk to him about a contract, preferably a cheap and short one. No Glavine either. Thanks.
Well anyway the Braves do need to start releasing/trading/doing anything to get rid of a couple of players, mostly Corky Miller. We need to start reducing the payroll from the not-as-good players so we don’t end up paying millions for players who have a 10.70 ERA or a .100 average. Yes it sounds childish, but we need to get some stuff done 

I guess we can pencil in Escobar as the SS of next year and so forth. Thanks Towers.

By the way, We need to work on a new contract with Huddy and Chipper. Maybe even JJ, Esco, Johnson, and Prado. Again Childish, but it needs to get done, especially the first two.



  1. juliasrants


    I think a lot of teams are going to find themselves in the position of having to reduce payrolls – either to get the players they really want or to just respond to the tough economic times. I hope they get working on the new contract for Chipper. It would be nice if a lot teams got moving on contracts. It would be a great Chirstmas gift for all the fans.


  2. Elizabeth D

    A report came out saying that Peavy was going either to the Cubs or staying with the Padres… a bit restrictive, especially if the Braves still have interest. Still, you might be able to get Burnett, seeing that you’re willing to offer him a five year deal!

  3. madog20

    lets face it ! players do not want to come to the braves. Wren is no shuerholtz. he can’t fill the gaps with second tier and over the hill players, and still win anymore. the team is not good anymore. most players on the field are second tier. they HAVE to get some great players like the mets, yanks, phillies etc. than, they can fill in around these players. the braves have no choice but to trade for peavy, even if it means losing escobar. they can resign furcal and than go after other players. right now, we are in deep trouble. NO PITCHING, NO 1ST BASEMAN, NO 2ND BASEMAN, NO LEFT FIELDER, NO CENTERFIELDER ETC…ETC…ETC. and we wonder why players do not want to come to atlanta any longer.

  4. Darion

    You are very wrong about most things. Some people would die to go to Atlanta, even if we had a couple of bad year. We have a fine 2nd Baseman, actually we have 2. I don’t see a hole in 1st base either. Kotchman is very underrated and is very good. Ask some Angels fans what they think about him. They loved him. We just need a pitcher or two and another OF. We have Schafer coming up this year and Heyward most likely coming the next. The Braves are 1 or 2 players away from being contenders. If Frenchy can bounce back, they have a much better chance.

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