Burnett a Yankee

Yankees signed A.J. Burnett to a five-year, $82.5MM deal. We essentially did nothing over the last week, and that may cause our season to already be over. You may say we had no chance to sign him, but we really did. Right now we are 1-4 with pitchers this offseason (Tazawa, Peavy, Burnett). We seriously NEED to steep it up right now.
Sheets is the next thing on our agenda. We could possibly bid for Derek Lowe, but it’s very unlikely. Right now I wished we would have keep Hampton. We also need to get a power-hitting outfielder. Since we aren’t gonna have that awesome rotation, we might as well get some major offense to heal the pain.
Someone like Ludwick might help, if he does prove last year wasn’t a fluke. We also need Sheets and another pitcher such as Garland. We night have to throw Smoltz in the rotation just because of experience and the fact we might end up with a rotation similar to
Vazquez, Jurrjens, Campillo, Morton, and Hanson. Throw Smoltz in for Morton and it might be a 3/5 star rotation. Maybe. Chuck James just got non-tendered, so he is a free agent. Didn’t see much in him anyway. He was just a trading chip at the best. Plus we freed a couple of thousand dollars and gave us back couple of extra wins that he would have made us lose.
Parr, Redmond, and Reyes are the other starters we have, so we are seriously screwed if we don’t get Sheets or just Anybody!
Come on Wren! Make something special happen!

Maybe we will be good in ’11 or ’12.

One comment

  1. juliasrants


    The Yankees are the only ones doing anything. They must be pretty confident about the revenues from their new stadium to be throwing money around like they are. Too bad they’re not from Detroit because then maybe they could bail out the auto industry.


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