Furcal Not A Brave

Well if you haven’t heard now, Furcal isn’t going to the Braves. After we had an agreement, he went and signed with the Dodgers. It isn’t looking to good for the Braves considering this is the third time this has happened…

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.

According to Ken Rosenthal, shortstop Rafael Furcal has reached an agreement with the Braves and just needs to pass a physical. It is a 3 year deal with a 4th year vesting option. This would be good news to the Braves considering he was a fan-favorite here in Atlanta and came up with up with the Braves. He also considers Bobby Cox someone like a father. As most of you know, he declined a 4 year 36mm from Oakland and is probably going to decline their 4 year 40mm deal as well.


There was lots of talk about him coming here during the Peavy talks when we considered moving Escobar to San Diego. A couple of things could happen here
1. We might continue talk with the Padres and send Yunel to SD.
2. We might trade Yunel somewhere else to get another player.
3. We might trade Kelly Johnson to the Cardnials for Ludwick or Ankiel
4. We might trade Kelly Johnson to SD in the Peavy deal.
5. We might trade Kelly Johnson to another team for other players.
6. We might keep both Kelly and Yunel and move Key back to left field, move either Yunel or Furcal to SS, and move the other to 2nd base.
The last one seems the most likely, but I am not sure what will happen. Prado might end up having to be the backup 2nd, 1st, and 3rd baseman. Gotay and Infante might not see as much playing time as well. Either Infante, Escobar, Prado, or Johnson will be traded most likely. Norton will most likely not return as well. 

Furcal is a good lead-off hitter and hits for average. He is NOT a power hitter, but if we can get a power hitter behind Chipper, we will be a good team (well at least if we get some more pitching). Oh and he will bring back one of the things that we thrived on during the 14 consecutive playoff years, Speed. We haven’t had that since he left. 

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has a source saying no agreement has been reached, but there is interest. I am hoping Rosenthal is right. We will have to play the waiting game for now.

Crasnick now says the Braves have a preliminary agreement with Furcal.

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.


  1. Darion

    I doubt that we will bring back Norton since we haven’t had any talk with him this offseason unless it’s been secret. He will want more than 1mm dollars and we have plenty of options at OF, well at least we have more (Schafer, Diaz, and a full year of Anderson). I’ll give it a 33% chance. He will be the last option via the FAM. We still have to get Smoltz, Ohman, a power hitting/not so much striking out outfielder, and 1-2 more starters. That already might be over the 45mm we have to spend.

  2. PWHjort

    We’ve had talks with Norton but nobody pays attention to him so you haven’t heard about him. Norton was brought over to Atlanta to be a pinch-hitter, not an outfielder. Smoltz and Glavine aren’t included in the 45 million dollars we’ve got to spend and we’re obviously not getting an ace pitcher. Basically all we’ve done is spend around 13 million on a back-up catcher and mid-rotation starter. That leaves us with 32+ to spend on players OTHER THAN SMOLTZ AND GLAVINE, which means we’ve got more money than we could POSSIBLY spend. Ohman won’t cost more than 4M if we bring him back. The only reason we wouldn’t bring Norton back is if he prefers to play elsewhere or somebody offers him a ridiculous contract. He’s an incredibly valuable pinch-hitter and has led the league in pinch hits several times. Don’t look at Norton as an outfielder, he was never supposed to play there, the only reason he ever did was because of injuries. Infante is our back-up utility player and he’s not going to be traded either.

  3. PWHjort

    Here’s what makes up a bench’s 4 most important players: 1 back-up catcher, 1 utility infielder, 1 4th outfielder, and 1 pinch hitter. David Ross, Omar Infante, Tons of options for the 4th outfielder, and Greg Norton will be our 4 most important bench players next year. The 5th one will likely go to a platoon like Martin Prado.

  4. Darion

    Well I was implying the other comment anticipating Furcal was going to be a Brave. Now that he is not, we have a better chance and a bigger need of signing Norton. And believe me, I want Norton back.
    Norton will cost around 2 million at the most
    Ohman 4mm
    Smoltz 4mm
    We need an outfielder. Can’t really say how much we are going to spend since it varies (Ludwick-2mm and Dunn-10mm per year)
    I have no clue who we are going to get pitching wise. All the options we really needed are gone.
    I’m going with Prado at 2nd. KJ will either move back to the OF, Be the backup 2nd baseman, or will get traded for an outfielder or for pitching. I’m thinking if Chipper gets hurt, Prado moves to 3rd and KJ goes to 2nd.

  5. Darion

    I’m thinking that you will get a shortstop from either us, the Red Sox, or the Angels. I’m not sure who it will be though.

  6. Elizabeth D

    Very interesting news about Furcal.. I was surprised when I read it myself. Frustrating I’d presume. It’d be great if you guys could get Peavy, although I thought the Padres management said something likes the Cubs or he stays in San Diego.

  7. Darion

    Nicky- the Mets will definitely be favored to win the league, even though I hate saying it. That is unless they choke, which is very likely.

    Elizabeth- The chances look very very slim for us signing Peavy. I just don’t think it will happen. We have **** and they will probably not want Kelly Johnson. I’m sure the Pads aren’t going to sell low on him so they will keep him and trade him during the all-star break

  8. PWHjort

    I agree, great signing. Greg Norton makes any National League team better. He’s a switch-hitting pinch hitting specialist and those aren’t easy to come by. He really makes us a more complete team and I’m glad we were able to keep him. Hopefully he can be productive in 2009 and 2010 when the Braves win their World Championship.

  9. Darion

    Yes very true. We can be a very good team in 2009 and 2010 if our prospects can pan out and Frenchy bounces back. We are literally 1-2 players from being great again.

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