Say it Ain’t So Smoltz!

Well it looks like the Braves have been punched in the face again. The Red Sox are set to sign John Smoltz to a one year, 4mm deal. Again things are not going the Braves way during this offseason I hope to forget. Smoltz, coming off of elbow surgery, will probably not pitch until sometime around June. Usually when he comes out of surgery, he is a new man and can pitch much better than he did. I’m not sure this is going to happen again, but you never know with Smoltzie.                                        Braves John Smoltz by steviebreech.
He has been a great leader, player, and role model for so many people and players for such a long time. A former Cy young winner,  210 wins, 154 saves, 3.26 career ERA, 3,011 strikeouts, 8 time All-Star, part of the ’95 World Series team. Wow that’s a heck of a career and no doubt Hall of Famer. I’m gonna miss him and everything he has done for our team.
Red Sox fans, you are getting a great, great player. Hopefully he can come back next year and have a good season. I am definitely going to continue to cheer him on, even if he faces us during interleague.                                   John Smoltz Last year he got his 3,000 strikeout, but that was really the only highlight of last year until he got injured.

NOW before the other Braves fans start getting pissy and blaming everything on Wren and wanting to chop off his head, think about it. We did not need to spend more than 4 million on Smoltz just because he might not come back like everyone thinks. He will be out until June or later and might have 15 appearances at the most. Yeah Boston is taking a huge gamble (he might make up to 10mm total, 5mm guaranteed). We couldn’t afford that with all our needs. Wren will be trying to sign Lowe and with that 4 million we saved by not signing Smoltz, we will have a better chance of fulfilling our other needs (2 starting pitchers, 1 power-hitting outfielder NOT named Andruw Jones). By the way, I am not against taking Andruw back at 400k. He might have a chance at hitting .240 with 10 home runs.

Ok Don’t get me wrong. I wanted Smoltz back, but we just didn’t have that extra 3-5 million, and he wanted to play for a winner (you can’t blame him after what’s gone wrong so far). If we don’t want the Nationals being ahead of us and laughing at us while we are in last place, we need to get other players. Yeah this is a horrible offseason. Yeah we lost out on Peavy, Burnett, Tazawa, Furcal, and Smoltz. Yeah we might be in last place, but WE ARE NOT GONNA SIT AND DO NOTHING ABOUT IT!

Note to other Braves Fans
Wren has not been the greatest, but so far not many things have been his fault.
Peavy- Towers/Padres fault
Smoltz- His decision
His decision (I am actually happy now that we didn’t sign him for 80mm)
Tazawa- His decision
– His decision/Agent’s fault

We can still be competitive by signing two good pitchers, Kenshin Kawakami/ Jon Garland and Derek Lowe, and a power hitting outfielder.
We will see what will happen. Let’s just not go ahead and say the season is over just yet. Even though it’s hard being a Braves’ fan, we will pull through. Good luck Smoltz. One of the greatest trades happened on August 12, 1987 which involved you. We wish You nothing, absolutely nothing but success in the rest of your career and future, no matter where you go.

-Darion, still a true Braves fan   


  1. juliasrants

    Darion – I was almost afraid to stop by here today! I think we did get a great addition with Smoltz, which I know came at the Braves expense. I hope you guys pick up Lowe and I promise – we Red Sox fans will be nice to Smoltzie!


  2. Darion

    Thanks Julia. We will move on and I really so hope we can get Lowe. Otherwise I really don’t see us competing next year.

  3. Elizabeth D

    I’m so sorry about all the misfortunes in the Braves offseason! I was absolutely appalled by the Furcal situation! Is his agent Scot Boras or something? I’m very happy to have Smoltz, you’re absolutely right–he’s a great player! He was one of those people for me that I couldn’t see in another uniform! I can’t see Varitek in another uniform, and I’m scared that we might not be able to retain him. Scot Boras is screwing everyone over.

  4. wisbrave

    Even if wren adds the right pieces for us to contend and take over the NL East again it is going to seem empty without Smoltz. Will he come back to Atlanta in 2010 if he decides to play another year or join the broadcast both like he was planning after he retired? I expected Braves to offer him 4-6 mil plus incentives. If he couldn’t make it back then we would be out 4-6 mil but we would left with a guy that would work with the young talent and stay with the organization whether it was as a coach or broadcaster and the team moral would still be positive.

    This has shaken the moral of the fans and the club house. They have Chipper questioning his future with the braves, why haven’t they made him an extension offer yet?

    If I could ask Wren one question it would be: Whats the price of moral going for these days? I’m sure the price is up there with team chemistry and that can’t be bought.

    In the end I’ll still be a braves fan just a very disappointed one.

  5. Darion

    I agree with you. Morale can’t be bought and we have lost a lot of it this whole offseason. But I honestly think in my mind that Smoltz really didn’t want to pitch with us. He wanted to pitch somewhere else to have a shot at another ring. Really you can’t blame him. I don’t think he cared much about the money because the Braves could have made an offer just as good. Cox wanted him to reconsider, but his answer was final and he wanted to be part of the Sox.
    But we will move on. Most Hall of Famers played on more than one team. Aaron did. Glavine did. Maddux did many times. Sometimes it is the best to move on. I would have wanted him to stay in Atlanta and help the younger guys and also pitch for us, but I guess it was best for him and possibly even us to move on.
    I really think Chipper won’t go anywhere. Don’t believe the “he will be traded at midseason” BS that is going around. Wren would get fired if he even mentioned it. I believe the Braves and Chipper will be talking extension close to when the season begins. I remember hearing something about it.

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