Braves sign Kenshin Kawakami

According to multiple sources,  The Braves have signed Japanese righty pitcher Kenshin Kawakami to a 3 year/23MM contract. I am kind of late on this, but for a reason. I wanted to wait at least a day or two to make sure this wasn’t another Furcal incident. It is official now.

Kawakami has spent his whole career in Japan and has decided to move to the U.S. to play ball. Yeah he is not an ace, but he is a solid 4th or 3rd mid-rotation guy. He won an award equivalent to the Cy Young in Japan, so you know he will at least be decent. More on him will come when the deal becomes official.
This does make the Lowe to Atlanta deal more possible . If we can add him, our rotation will be decent enough to compete. There is still a possible Peavy trade, but you never know with the Padres management. Dunn, Nady, or Swisher will most likely be an Atlanta Brave by Spring Training.
Good signing Wren! Keep it up!

Braves sign super-utility player Omar Infante to a two-year 4.35MM deal with a club option. The 2011 club option is for $2.5MM with a $250K buyout. He was a big player last year due to all the injuries. He ended up played 2nd, SS, 3rd, LF, and CF. Another smart move by Wren. Maybe a bit much money wise, but it’s good nevertheless.  Omar Infante by The Suss-Man.

P.S. Corky Miller signed a minor league deal with the ChiSox. Now we don’t have to deal with him anymore!



  1. districtboy

    It’s sort of weird that the Braves would feel so compelled to sign a utility guy to an extension. But I guess if Willie Bloomquist can get signed to a two-year contract, Infante can too.

    With Kawakami coming in, I guess Charlie Morton, Jo-Jo Reyes, and James Parr will battle it out for the final rotation spot. My vote is for Morton.


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