Congrats Rice, Henderson

I thought I would give my take on the newly elected HOF’s. First off, I would have voted for both. They both deserved it and I’m proud they are in. Some people will disagree with the Rice being Hall-material, but I congratulate him and wish him the best. Just to be mentioned is great. Henderson was a shoo-in and should have at least been given 98% of the vote. I don’t see what kind of argument you could have made to make me think that Rickey was not a Hall of Famer. He should have been given the full 100% in my mind.

I will just say that if I could vote, I would have given votes to both of them, Dale Murphy, Bert Blyleven, Andre Dawson, Lee Smith, Harold Baines, Tim Raines and probably Tommy John. They are all Hall of Famers in my book. Next year might be more exciting. Blyleven and Dawson will be favorites coming back. They will be going against a class that will be highlighted by Roberto  Alomar, Ellis Burks, Fred McGriff, Barry Larkin, Andres Galarraga and Edgar Martinez. Alomar and Larkin might be get more than 75% on their first year, but it will be a tough test.   


  1. juliasrants

    I am delighted that Rice (& Henderson!) were voted in. It’s tough hearing about how Rice’s numbers don’t “stack up” when during all the years he played he was THE dominate hitter. Go figure! But I guess if they couldn’t all agree on Henderson then how could I expect them to agree on Rice!


  2. Elizabeth D

    I’m really happy for Rice as well, and no matter what his nay-sayers say… there are other people in the HOF with his stats, and you’re absolutely right about Henderson. I’m surprised people left him off their ballots!

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