Braves, Lowe agree to deal

I am thrilled to say that Lowe will become a Brave!
Yesterday they
agreed to a 4 year, 60MM deal. This is coming right after we sign
Kenshin Kawakami to a 3 year 23MM deal. Two great signings in a row.
36, is a workhorse and doesn’t really spend anytime on the DL. He can
pitch over 200 innings like Vazquez and is capable of being an Ace,
which is what we need. He has a decent ERA and is going to be a very
important part to the team this year. He’s also been in the NL long
enough to know how to hit. Derek Lowe by NJ Baseball.
Last year he had a 3.24 ERA, 211 IP, 147 K’s, and 14 wins and 11 loses.

Next year, our rotation should look like

Campillo as of now.
Replacements- Reyes, Morton, Parr (could see bullpen time), and Hanson.
Hudson later on.
could easily see Glavine getting that 5th spot and Campillo moving back
to the Pen. It would be possible that Hanson will win the spot during
ST and then you would send Reyes and Morton back to AAA. I really see
one of them getting sent out of Atlanta in a trade package like to the
Yankees or to another team for other needs.

Now about the outfield…
looked likely 2 days ago, but I would guess that Nady or Swisher will
be going to Atlanta. I would perfer Nady because he can hit just as
many HR’s and still hit over .300. Swisher hit in the low .200’s last
year but jacked over 20.
Andruw Jones will also be a Brave once he gets released from the Dodgers.

I had full faith in Wren and I knew he would get the job done. He will
also put a few more fans in the sets as well. If we can get a power
hitter, I think we can win the crown again as the leaders of the NL
East. We are very close.


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