Can Andruw be Andruw Again?

As Andruw gets released today, you assume he will be a Brave. That is very likely, but you have to wonder when Spring Training comes if will officially be done as a player, he gets a spot on the bench, or he makes that Center Field job his. The most likely option is the second one. Nobody really expects AJ to go out there and have another ’05 season. Heck I don’t even expect him to him over .240 or have over 15 HR’s. There is a chance that he will play so bad in Spring training that the Braves don’t even bother sending him to the minors and just release him. I’m sure most Dodger fans are expecting (and hoping) that.

I would be awesome to have Andruw being himself. Yes that means 06 and below. Everything after that was just hard to watch. There were sometimes when Andruw hit the ball so hard that he fell back as the ball was launched upper deck. Then there were times when he swung so hard and missed that he fell back. alas, once he became a Dodger, his defense was no more. He started gaining weight, his speed decreased, and he couldn’t really catch anymore.


Yeah it was bad.
People use to cheer when he was up to bat. Now he gets booed.Loudly

Pitchers used to wet their pants when he was up to bat.
Now every pitcher wishes they had him up to bat when bases are load and a hit would win the game.
Back with us he was Hall of Fame material. Now his HOF status is in doubt. He can still be Andruw Jones the greatest defensive CF to ever play baseball and hit 40 home runs every season. The pitchers can still have a nervous breakdown when they see he is up to bat. He can still hit .300 and have 35 home runs. He can still not try to hit a home run every at bat. He can still be Andruw being Andruw. But he has a lot to prove before he roams our center field again.
I think he can still be this guy.

He has to prove first though.

Do you think he is done? Or do you still think that somewhere down there there is the Andruw Jones that Atlanta fans used to love and other teams would hate?



  1. redstatebluestate

    Hard for me to believe that Jones is done for good. He’ll get picked up somewhere… after Manny, Abreu and Dunn are off the map. He’ll find his stroke again though it may not be as dramatic as it once was. A lot of his problem was health and not getting that drive that he used to in the box.

  2. Darion

    Yeah I forgot to say that he had knee problems as well. Hopefully he can correct his swing and just work on getting singles instead of hitting for the fences every time. Once he gets that done, then he can work on that power hitting. I just hopes he doesn’t fall down every time he swings.

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