Apparently the word “furcaled” will become a new phrase in baseball from now on.

Furcaled  (pronounced fer-call-d) verb
Definition: Saying you will play for a team and then choosing another a day later. 
Words Close to it: Played, Lied to
Example: Griffey just furcaled the Braves.

Don’t mind my last post since it has no real meaning and I don’t want to change the title.

Am I mad? Of course. That and disappointed. When your 2nd favorite baseball player doesn’t choose your favorite team, you will be a little upset.
Are we not gonna be as good? The good thing is that we can easily improvise. He wasn’t what he was 10 years ago, so he is not as important. It would have been a great thing morale-wise and could have probably really helped our team, but I guess this is the way it goes.
Fire Frank Wren? No of course not. He has done a great job this offseason. Griffey WANTED TO go to Seattle. Burnett WANTED TO go to New York. Furcal WANTED TO go to L.A. Peavy COULDN’T come to Atlanta without giving up Hanson, which I totally agree with. Anyways Burnett, Furcal, Peavy, and Griffey not coming to Atlanta could have actually been a blessing. All 4 have had an injury over the last 2 years.
Who will play LF now? It will probably be Schafer in center with Anderson and Diaz in LF. That could definitely help us in the future by getting Anderson and Schafer lots of early playing time. Plus Frenchy could have a good season again. I think it’s very likely. 
Has this been a horrible offseason? Nope. To me it has been pretty decent. We were luck to have enough money to change our pitching staff. The outfield was really just extra. We got 2 extra bullpen arms (they could actually be decent next year), we got a backup catcher which we also really needed, we got 3 very good pitchers, and we don’t have Corky Miller or Chuck James on the team. Decent enough for me. Oh and we never lost any important players other than John Smoltz, but he was a free agent.
Should we blame David O’Brien of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution? No that has got to be a joke. If Griffey didn’t come because of that, then good since we didn’t want him. If you can’t take the media giving their opinion of where they think you will go, then you shoudln’t play baseball. Plus Jr’s friends told David a lot of the info. 
Who are still options in the outfield that aren’t already on the Braves? Swisher, Nady, Anderson, Edmonds, Gonzalez, Ankiel, and Ludwick.

I still think we can win the East. We have some really good players on our team. 

Other news

The Braves are talking extension with Chipper Jones.
That is music to my ears. This really needs to get done. I think he will probably get around a 3/18MM to a 3/24MM deal. There might be some options in it.
Braves avoid Arbitration with Jeff Francoeur.
Some more good news. He’ll be getting around $3.375 this year.  


  1. PWHjort

    This is an excellent piece, some of your best work, it really summarizes my thoughts on the off-season very well. On the whole, I can’t complain about the job Frank Wren has done. I honestly believe Ken Griffey Jr. would’ve produced about the same amount of wins that Garret Anderson will. Griffey probably has the edge with the bat, Anderson certainly has the edge in the field. I don’t think this was a Furcal situation because:

    A) There was no deception (other than Griffey possibly telling his friends who told DOB, etc..). Point is, no PROFESSIONAL deception.
    B) No baseball personnel would confirm a deal, meaning we, the Braves’ fans, shouldn’t have taken any stories as the tell-all-end-all final word.
    C) No term sheets were exchanged and nothing else was done to lead either party to believe the other had agreed to a deal.

    The Furcal situation was pure unprofessionalism from his agency, the Griffey situation was someone reporting something based on what pretty much amounts to hearsay.

    I agree that Wren has had a pretty nice off-season. Burnett and Peavy are both injury prone, which leads us to wonder why the Braves’ were interested in them in the first place. The Furcal thing is totally amazing. We were completely stocked with infielders, we did not need Furcal. I don’t know why Wren went after him either. Griffey made sense at the time but as soon as Wren missed out on Griffey he did what he should have and signed the next best, if not equal, thing in Anderson. If he had failed to sign Anderson, he probably would’ve gone after Edmonds, who also would have been a perfectly acceptable signing.

    Vazquez is going to rake in the NL next year and Lowe is going to have a great time playing with such a defensively talented infield. Kawakami and Glavine are also perfectly capable of contributing to a team. PECOTA and CHONE both have the Braves in or within a game of the playoffs in 2009. It is certainly not outside their grasp, actually well within. It’s going to be a great season. GO BRAVES.

  2. Darion

    Thank you. I know that the Furcal thing was a little different, but he did tell close friends he would and the word got out so it felt like he lied to us. Anyway we are in great shape nevertheless and we have a great chance of playing in October again. I can’t wait for the season to start.

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