Just When You Think Reyes is Just Another Player Taking up Space and Money…

He goes out and has a successful outing, which I haven’t seen in a long time. He pitched 3 innings of 2 hit ball against the World Champions. He only walked 1 but he had no strikeouts. Last year he went 3-11 with almost an ERA of 6! That is nothing to be proud of. He was projected to be a 2nd or 3rd starter before he made it up to the Bigs, but his attitude and work ethics caused him to be hated by many Braves fans and not favored to win a spot in the rotation. Heck, if was a little bit better last year and used all the talent he has, Glavine wouldn’t be a Brave. He still has more potential than a lot pitchers in the Major Leagues, but his problem is that he doesn’t use it. I he continues to pitch like today, he could either get moved to the bullpen or take the 5th spot and move Glavine to the ‘pen.
Atlanta Braves starter Jo-Jo Reyes  pitches against the San Diego Padres  in the first inning of their baseball game Friday, July 11, 2008, in San Diego. From AP Photo by Lenny Ignelzi.

Braves-3 Phillies-7
We got to test ourselves against the World Series Winners and even though we lost, we got a good amount accomplished. The Braves were up until Jeff Ridgeway gave up 4 runs, 2 walks, and 4 hits over 2 outs. Moylan also got to be tested for the first time in a year and gave up 1 run over 1 inning. O’Flaherty, Schreiber, Bennett, Marek, and Stockman also got to see some action.
On the Offensive Side
McCann homered off Chan Ho Park and Josh Anderson got 2 hits, including a triple. Frenchy went 0-2 lowering his average to .100, Heyward went 1-3, and Freeman went 0-4. Chipper had 1 double over 3 at bats.


Other news

  • Javy Lopez is promoting a new bat company called “Bones”
  • The Braves have 10 players representing their countries in the WBC. Chipper Jones and Brian McCann (U.S.), Javier Vazquez
    (Puerto Rico), Jorge Campillo (Mexico), Manny Acosta, Yeliar Castro, and Concepcion Rodriguez (Panama), Gregor
    Blanco (Venezuela), and Scott Diamond and Bryan Dumensil (Canada) are those who are involved. Yeliar Castro, Concepcion Rodriguez, Scott Diamond, and Bryan Dumesnil are not currently on the Brave’s 40 man roster.



  1. PWHjort

    Nobody in the organization is ready to give up on Reyes. He was a great prospect while he was in the minors and his minor league career was sort of “rushed”. Though he probably doesn’t have a spot on the Braves’ active roster this season, I’m still convinced he can contribute at the big league level for some team down the road, be it the Braves or another team.

  2. juliasrants

    Darion – It is so hard when we can see that a player has such great potential but then they don’t work hard enough to live up to that potential. I hope Reyes has learned his lesson and that he will make it!


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