You Knew It Was Too Good To Be True

UPDATE! Scott Boras has teamed up with Barry Bond’s agent Jeff Borris to make a 2-1 signing! You can sign Manny and his buddy Barry all for only 50 million dollars over 2 years! They think it sounds much more attractive now that Bonds is in the picture. The Yankees and Dodgers are in the running for them. The Giants have now dropped out due to “finical issues.”
Scratch that. Everybody except ESPN is reporting that it is false. Well, back to “Manny Being A Greedy Free Agent.” Tune in next week as we watch Scott Boras make trips to Japan, San Francisco, and New York looking for someone to pay his client what he wants.

Well here is a more interesting and sad story to read if you have not already read it.

Manny Ramirez has FINALLY agreed to a two-year, $45MM deal with the Dodgers. It is really about time that he signed. I was actually thinking he wasn’t going to play this year because of him and his agent’s, Scott Boras, greed. In 53 games in L.A. he hit .396 with 17 HR’s, a 1.232 OBS, a 743 SLG, .489 OBP, 53 RBIs, and led the Dodgers to the playoffs. Well I am glad the “Manny Sagas” are over with.

Next up… Peavy. Then….Brian Roberts.


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