Manny Signs And This Time Its Real!

Because I already went over this, I will just copy the things I said earlier because I was right about it yesterday.
Manny Ramirez has FINALLY agreed to a two-year, $45MM deal with the Dodgers.
It is really about time that he signed. I was actually thinking he
wasn’t going to play this year because of him and his agent’s, Scott
Boras, greed. In 53 games in L.A. he hit .396 with 17 HR’s, a 1.232
OBS, a 743 SLG, .489 OBP, 53 RBIs, and led the Dodgers to the playoffs.
Well I am glad the “Manny Sagas” are over with.
I believe this time it is real since other reporters are actually agreeing with it.

Details on the deal:
Two-year, $45MM deal with an opt-out clause after the first year.  The deal also includes no-trade protection. 25 million the first year, 20 the second. A portion money over the years is deferred. This is all pending a physical.

Next up… Peavy. Then….Brian Roberts. 


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