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Ohman and Glavine or Abreu/Dunn/Swisher or Maybe Even Ohman/Glavine and Abreu/Dunn/Swisher

The Braves now have a limited amount of money to spend after all the moves we have made this offseason. We have around 8-10 million left and we still have a couple of moves to make.

First off, we have about 3 left-handed pitchers on our current roster (Gonzalez, Reyes, and Eric O’Flaherty). Gonzelez is our closer, Reyes has a 10% of making the staff next year and a 20% of staying past 2010, and Eric O’Flaherty isn’t consistent enough for my liking. We obviously need more lefties and Ohman and Glavine are just that. Glavine will cost about 2-4.5 million. Ohman will cost around the same. That would leave us with around almost nothing for another outfielder.
If this does happen (us getting Ohman and Glavine) we have a couple of options.
Put Kelly Johnson in left field.
Trade KJ for Rick Ankiel or Ryan Ludwick.
Put another outfielder currently in the organization in left field, such as Diaz, Jones, or Blanco
Sign Andruw and move Anderson or Schafer to left and have Andruw man center.
Out of all of those, I would have to pick the Ludwick/Ankiel or even the Andruw thing if he can do well in Spring Training.
There could be a chance that Glavine doesn’t recover and retires and Ohman signs with another team, but that would mean we would just sign Abreu.
At Abreu’s price, I don’t think we should pass on him. His defense isn’t great and he is not exactly the youngest guy we have on the team, but he can still have 25 Hr’s and 100 RBI’s. Did I mention he is cheap? He might be the only good outfielder who is cheap enough to sign along with either Glavine or Ohman. He only wants a one year deal and that might be all we need until Jason Heyward is ready. Even if he isn’t, Anderson and Schafer should have enough experience to slide in there at left.
If Abreu doesn’t remain an option and we want an outfielder instead of Ohman or Glavine, we might trade for one of Cardinals’ outfielders or trade for Swisher. I don’t think the Cardinals will trade either Rick Ankiel or Ryan Ludwick and the Yankees are asking for too much for Swisher right now. Dunn is also way too expensive for the Braves and he probably will not be in Atlanta next year.
I am personally hoping we can sign Abreu and Glavine. I really like Ohman and think he’s a good player, but the only way he plays with Atlanta next year is if Glavine signs for 1-2 million and Abreu signs for 6 million. Glavine said he feels great and I think he needs one more year, even though earlier I said that he needs to retire. We need a lefty starter not named JoJo Reyes who has an under 4.50 ERA. I also think we really need some extra power in the outfield even if Jeff Francoeur is back to his 06-07 self. That extra power and more players who can get that extra 1 run is what will make us great again.
We will probably have more speed and have a better chance to score runs as well, but we need someone other than Chipper, McCann, and Frenchy (assuming he is back) that can knock in runs. I do hope that we can give Andruw another chance, but he will have to come at the league minimum and we have to give up a couple of players to reduce the salary a bit. We will contend for the World Series next year if we do those things and don’t have freak injuries like last year. 

Braves, Lowe agree to deal

I am thrilled to say that Lowe will become a Brave!
Yesterday they
agreed to a 4 year, 60MM deal. This is coming right after we sign
Kenshin Kawakami to a 3 year 23MM deal. Two great signings in a row.
36, is a workhorse and doesn’t really spend anytime on the DL. He can
pitch over 200 innings like Vazquez and is capable of being an Ace,
which is what we need. He has a decent ERA and is going to be a very
important part to the team this year. He’s also been in the NL long
enough to know how to hit. Derek Lowe by NJ Baseball.
Last year he had a 3.24 ERA, 211 IP, 147 K’s, and 14 wins and 11 loses.

Next year, our rotation should look like

Campillo as of now.
Replacements- Reyes, Morton, Parr (could see bullpen time), and Hanson.
Hudson later on.
could easily see Glavine getting that 5th spot and Campillo moving back
to the Pen. It would be possible that Hanson will win the spot during
ST and then you would send Reyes and Morton back to AAA. I really see
one of them getting sent out of Atlanta in a trade package like to the
Yankees or to another team for other needs.

Now about the outfield…
looked likely 2 days ago, but I would guess that Nady or Swisher will
be going to Atlanta. I would perfer Nady because he can hit just as
many HR’s and still hit over .300. Swisher hit in the low .200’s last
year but jacked over 20.
Andruw Jones will also be a Brave once he gets released from the Dodgers.

I had full faith in Wren and I knew he would get the job done. He will
also put a few more fans in the sets as well. If we can get a power
hitter, I think we can win the crown again as the leaders of the NL
East. We are very close.

Braves sign Kenshin Kawakami

According to multiple sources,  The Braves have signed Japanese righty pitcher Kenshin Kawakami to a 3 year/23MM contract. I am kind of late on this, but for a reason. I wanted to wait at least a day or two to make sure this wasn’t another Furcal incident. It is official now.

Kawakami has spent his whole career in Japan and has decided to move to the U.S. to play ball. Yeah he is not an ace, but he is a solid 4th or 3rd mid-rotation guy. He won an award equivalent to the Cy Young in Japan, so you know he will at least be decent. More on him will come when the deal becomes official.
This does make the Lowe to Atlanta deal more possible . If we can add him, our rotation will be decent enough to compete. There is still a possible Peavy trade, but you never know with the Padres management. Dunn, Nady, or Swisher will most likely be an Atlanta Brave by Spring Training.
Good signing Wren! Keep it up!

Braves sign super-utility player Omar Infante to a two-year 4.35MM deal with a club option. The 2011 club option is for $2.5MM with a $250K buyout. He was a big player last year due to all the injuries. He ended up played 2nd, SS, 3rd, LF, and CF. Another smart move by Wren. Maybe a bit much money wise, but it’s good nevertheless.  Omar Infante by The Suss-Man.

P.S. Corky Miller signed a minor league deal with the ChiSox. Now we don’t have to deal with him anymore!


Outfielder or Pitcher? I’m Hoping Both

As most Braves fans know, this offseason we are trying to find an ace to help out Jurrjens and another pitcher, AND a power-hitting outfielder. Which one should we spend more money on? In my opinion it is pitching. The most possible options are Lowe, Peavy, Garland, Burnett, Sheets, Dempster, Tazawa, possibly Sabathia, and maybe even Oliver Perez. Outfield options are Holliday, Ordonez, maybe Nady or maybe Bay, Manny Ramirez (not likely but possible), Rocco Baldelli, Atkins is possible, Burrell, Dunn, Ibanez, Griffey, Andruw Jones (I have heard lots of talk about him), and Delmon Young. Wren might find most of his needs in the free agent market since he does not want to trade his prospects. 45 million to spend, but who are we gonna spend it on? I’m thinking we need to start trading to make it a little more and then going for Peavy, Burnett or Lowe, Ordonez or Holliday, and a new backup catcher who can hit over .250.

Changes to the Market
Brewers exercise option on Mike Cameron
Yankees sign Sergio Mitre
Rays declined 2009 options on Cliff Floyd and Trever Miller
Marlins Claim Dan Meyer off waivers from Athletics
The Royals exercised 2009 option with Miguel Olivo with possible 2010 option
Giants Sign Josh Phelps
Yankees Decline Options On Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano