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MLB.com Player Rankings

I have been very bored and frustrated so far this offseason, so I will just throw in a random post about the fantasy rankings for the Braves. The numbers before the names are the ranking by position (ex. McCann is the #1 ranked catcher). To find complete rankings of all teams by position, click here.




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1st Base

32. Casey Kotchman, ATL

55. Martin Prado, ATL

3rd Base

8. Chipper Jones, ATL


70. Jeff Francoeur, ATL

101. Josh Anderson, ATL

158. Matt Diaz, ATL

159. Gregor Blanco, ATL

173. Greg Norton, ATL

2nd Base

9. Kelly Johnson, ATL

56. Martin Prado, ATL


18. Yunel Escobar, ATL

53. Omar Infante, ATL


19. Javier Vazquez, ATL

40. Derek Lowe, ATL

53. Jair Jurrjens, ATL

86. Jorge Campillo, ATL

151. Jo-Jo Reyes, ATL

179. Charlie Morton, ATL


17. Mike Gonzalez, ATL

76. Manny Acosta, ATL

78. Blaine Boyer, ATL

82. Rafael Soriano, ATL

88. Peter Moylan, ATL


1. Brian McCann, ATL

46. David Ross, ATL

I don’t know how many people here play fantasy baseball, but I figured some people would want to see this if they haven’t already. The list updates every time a trade is done since moving to a new team will affect a player’s performance. It is interesting that Vazquez is ranked higher than Derek Lowe. They also don’t have Tim Hudson ranked since he is out for the season. They have Kotchman way under ranked and they have some of our replacement pitchers ranked low due to being injured all season. I only put players that are right now on the team. Yes, these rankings do not have the slightest meaning, but it’s interesting and important if you are doing fantasy baseball.

If you see a Brave player I missed, please tell me.

Peavy Wanted to get Traded to the Cubs Already? Boo-Hoo

Jake Peavy was apparently sad and very angry he is not going to become
a Cub. Seriously Jake, GET OVER IT! I still want you to be a Brave, but
you can’t whine when you limit yourself to 6 teams. Believe me, it
would be easy if the other team could give up anyone they want and get
whoever they want, but trades take time and you can’t trade one of the
best pitchers in the game and get a deal as bad as the Cub’s package
was. Yes Towers screwed up by not taking the Braves’ package, but
that’s life.

It’s amazing to me how many people can waste time, money and
resources, and get nothing done,” Axelrod said. “Baseball moved lock,
stock and barrel into that town, and absolutely nothing happened.
” – Peavy’s agent Axelrod.
To that, I will let Justin Timberlake talk and give you his opinion.


The Angels package is suppose to be competitive to the Braves’ package,
but they will only trade for Peavy if they don’t sign Mark Teixeira. We
will probably see more of this situation in a few days.


Pros and Cons of getting Burnett

Ok let’s talk about the pros and cons of signing AJ Bunett to a 5 year deal.


  • He is a DOMINATE pitcher when he’s on the mound. It’s hard to go up against him because he is SO good.
  • He can strikeout a lot of guys. He lead the league this year and has 1278 K’s over 1376.1 Innings. With Vazquez and Burnett, we can make a lot of guys swing and miss.
  • He can bring that “Ace” presences that need. Yes you can argue that he’s not a “true” ace, but once you have a rookie as an ace while only winning 13 games, who cares. Honestly, Burnett is an ace to me.
  • He actually would come down to Atlanta. When he was talking about teams that he would consider, he named a bunch of  North Eastern teams and then included us. That’s good.
  • We need an elite pitcher. As much as I hate to say it, Peavy chances of coming here are very small. We need someone who is good, otherwise we will end up with Garland as our ace or someone like that. Very sad.
  • Everyone wants him. Maybe not some of my fellow Braves Bloggers want him, but Cox, Wren, Chipper, and even Javy Vazquez want him. I’m sure that everyone in the Braves organization want him and would do almost anything to get this guy, no matter the medical history.
  • He might not get injured like he did in the past. Yes it’s likely he will be on the DL, but if you think about it, he has the same chance of getting injured as Sabathia does. Burnett actually went a full season without getting injured, so to me he is on a clean slate. 
  • We can prevent the Yankees from being the best team in history. Which one would you rather face? Burnett or Garland? That is their backup, and it would be a lot better to face Garland than it would Burnett.


Alright now the bad things.

  • He’s always injured. We all know the story to that. Look at his stats.
  • He wants 5 years. That’s a little crazy, but obviously some teams have shown that they would do it.
  • He wants a lot of money to go along with that 5 years. around 80-90 million/5 years is his goal.
  • He only pitched over 200 innings 3 times over his career since ’99. That was ’02, ’05’ and ’08.
  • We just got done with Mike Hampton. Ok a positive to this is AJ is better than Hampton, but still do we want a guy that will miss 2-3 seasons?
  • We will have to bid higher since we are not near his hometown.
  • We are bidding against the YANKEES!!! If we outbid them, I think the Braves saved baseball from a crazy-good rotation that would not even be fair.
  • Aj_burnettWe can still go and get other guys that might not have better results, but they won’t be as injured as he is.
  • Burnett might want to be on the Yankees because they are getting CC and it’s close to his home. Go figure
  • We would have to make other special deals where we have to transport his wife to Atlanta 8 times a year. Ok that’s not even that bad, but I just wanted to mention it.
  • It might take a while and we have other needs we need to address.
  • We can still get Peavy. Only if we just forget about this deal and just focus on trading Peavy. We still have a chance to make the best package for Towers. Yes it’s unlikely, but it isn’t impossible. 
  • We have a history of pitchers getting injured in the organization. It would seem like it would effect Burnett, and he would most likely would be on the DL a couple of times. Thank God for James Andrews though in Birmingham. Where would we be without him?

Ok I’m done talking about it. You can choose whatever, but I say get him. This to me is a all-or-nothing thing. Our chances of being competitive is on this guy right now.

Oh by the way, don’t listen to most ESPN guys. They really don’t know what they are talking about, so don’t pay attention to the Smoltz to Tigers, Mets, or any other team. He will be a Brave next year.

It’s only between us and the Yanks and it might be close. They are most likely gonna bid higher and add a 5th year, so we need to do everything we can to get him, even if it means putting in a 6th year option or anything like that. We really need this guy. Our backup will probably be Sheets, (same injury deal, less years and less money though) but I’m hoping we won’t need to use our backup.

Apparently the Peavy to Cub deal is dead, and that is good music to my ears and other Braves fan. I think we can benefit from this and we might have another chance to land Peavy! Also, if we do go for Peavy, we won’t be including our SS Yunel Escobar. Way too late for that one. We could still package a good deal though, just not as good as the other one. You have to wonder who the Padres will have at short since they got rid of Greene.

Now it’s time to Stop Playing Games

Why Towers? This is seriously gone too far for too long. I want Peavy now as most of us do. Towers is going to try to get more out of us for him, or he is seriously going to send him to the Cubs using the Orioles.
COME ON! We can’t let this guy


Get in our way of Jake

This is what I would be willing to give up
Escobar, Morton  AND  Reyes if necessary, Locke, Boyer, Hernandez, and maybe another player such as Ascota or a couple of low level prospects. That is lightyears better than what they would be getting from the Cubs. I don’t want a player such as Locke to be blocking one of the greatest players in the game. Wren needs to do what he has do, but don’t give up Hanson or Schafer. They have big upsides and could even become close to what Peavy is after a couple of years.
In other news, Tazawa decided to spend 2 years in the Red Sox AAA instead of going somewhere else and starting. I really wanted him to come to the Braves, but that is not going to happen.
Well Wren, it’s time to get started before the REAL trouble begins when teams miss out on Burnett and Sabathia. Then we have the Sox, the Yanks, and both LA teams going in for Peavy. The Angels actually look like they could be competitive with our offer. If we can get Peavy early, we can get Burnett and Furcal as well. Then, the Braves will be back.

Has Towers Met His Match?

Finally, the Cubs are no longer trying to get Peavy.

Today Lou Piniella said that they will no longer pursuit Peavy  and will focus on an outfielder. Towers, as we all thought, will come crawling back to the Braves’ offer, but will the Braves have the same offer? Furcal and Renteria seem like the most likely and only options for the Braves if we decide to trade Escobar in the Peavy deal. I prefer Furcal since he hit around .357 before coming on the DL  for the rest of the season. His back is suppose to be better and I would definitely take him since Renteria hit in the .260s with around 55 RBI’s and 10 HRs. I am well aware that he has a .300 average in the NL, but you never know what will happen.
Anyways, I’m happy Towers can not use the Cubs name in the trade anymore, but I feel like he might just throw in the Dodgers and/or the Yankees name in it. Let’s just hope we can get this deal done before Sabathia signs and Renteria and Furcal go elsewhere. It is now the MAIN PRIORITY in my opinion. Once we get this Peavy deal done, not only will I sleep well, but we can focus on the other things that will make the Braves contenders yet again!

Atlanta Prospects Stay Hot in Arizona

Well another start for Tommy Hanson and another win.
Hanson went strong for 5 shutout innings on Monday only allowing 2 walks and 1 hit while striking out 10. This has been amazing partly because almost everyone has over a .300 average in the league. Hanson now leads the league in Wins (5) ERA (0.63) and Strikeouts (49) and that would be all triple crown stats. Congrats Tommy.
Flowers is also on fire and has homered in 3 straight games and hit his league leading 12th on Monday as well. He went 3-4 with a homer, 3 runs, 3 RBIs, and a walk. He has a .394 average.
Matt Young went 1-5 with 2 runs, a walk, and a strikeout. He is hitting .363.
Van Pope showed that he could replace Chipper if he retires soon by going 3-3 with a Grand Slam, 4 RBIs, 1 run, and 2 walks. He is hitting .286.

11-12 What a day for Mesa and the Braves!!

It was a grand day for 3 Braves prospects as Mesa beat Surprise 16-4
Flowers had a career day going 3-4 with 3 Home Runs and 7 RBI’s!!!
Hanson pitched 5 innings allowing 3 hits and 1 earned run, striking out 9 and improved to 4-0 with a 0.76 ERA
Matt Young went 3-5 with 3 runs scored, a double, 2 RBI’s, and an outfield assist.
This was truly a great day for those 3!
Flowers leads the league in HR’s with 10. Hanson leads the league in ERA, Wins, and Strikeouts. Young has a .365 Average and Flowers has a .387.
Also, Flowers name has been thrown into the Peavy deal, but with a day like this, the Braves might consider keeping him, even with B-Mac behind the plate.