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Grading this Season’s Signings

I am going to give a personal grade for the players the Braves have gotten so far this Offseason.

Javier Vazquez

He has been a great workhorse and can strikeout tons of people. He had 200 K’s last year and had a ERA of 4.67 over 208.1 innings. The ERA isn’t great, but I sure love the innings he pitched. Considering how every pitcher we had was injured, having a non-injury prone guy pitching will be great. We REALLY need that. Obviously this guy is not our ace, but he is a very good player  and has the veteran presences that we needed more of. He should be better than he was last season going into the NL. This guy is very good and a great pickup.               https://i2.wp.com/i2.cdn.turner.com/si/2008/baseball/mlb/12/04/braves.whitesox.ap/javier-vazquez-ap2.jpg
Grade: A

Boone Logan
Ok this guy isn’t great, but he can be an option we can look for in the bullpen. Hopefully an NL move will help him, but it won’t be a huge difference. He had a not-so-good ERA of 5.95 and a WHIP of 1.68 and got sent to the minors with the ChiSox. Hopefully he can turn around and have a consistent season, but I doubt it. He might have an ERA under 5, but I still see him staying inconstant.
Boone Logan by RikinIllinois.
Grade: C-

David Ross
is a decent pickup. We needed a new backup catcher BADLY! When your two backups combine to hit less than .175, you have to make some kind of move. Ross hit .225 with 3 HR’s, which happened to be 1 HR more than our backups hit COMBINED. Well anyway, he’s pretty good and can really give us a better chance of winning when McCann is taking a day off. It is also good because he is a Georgia boy. I can see him getting some good playing time during interleague games.

  David Ross Hitting by dslrnovice.
Grade: B-

Eric O’Flaherty
I don’t really know much about this guy, although he was picked up from waivers after giving up 15 runs over 6.2 innings. He can maybe turn around, but he has to first win a spot during Spring Training. We will see how that goes.

Eric O'Flaherty getting the signal by BTats.
Grade: C

Greg Norton
We saw last year how good he did, so it’s no surprise he’s back here. Glad he’s back and I hope he can still have that .300 pinch-hitting average he had last year. He can play OF and 1st base AND he is a switch hitter. You can expect him to make a lot of late-innings appearances. He’s old, but he’s still good.
Greg Norton by The Suss-Man.
Grade: B+

Kenshin Kawakami

Since he did come from Japan, we can not automatically say he is going to be as good as his Japanese numbers were, but I can say that he will be a solid player and can help us. He is a great player and he won’t be a bust.                     

Grade: A-

Derek Lowe
This is was a major signing. We needed an ace, and he can match that. A workhorse and a great guy. This, as of now, was the signing of our offseason. He had a 3.24 ERA and over 211 innings pitched. Oh did I mention he has over 75 saves as well as over 100 wins? He has what we need.
Derek Lowe by NJ Baseball.

Grade: A+

Overall grade for Atlanta: A


Braves Trade for Javier Vazquez

Well The Braves have officially traded for Vazquez in a 6 player deal. The deal is reported Vazquez and pitcher Boone Logan for Brent Lillibridge, Tyler Flowers, third baseman Jon Gilmore, and pitcher Santos Rodriguez.

I’m a little concerned about the trade though. JV is a great pitcher and has been among the leaders in K’s and innings, He is not more than a 3rd starter and will be used as a 4th starter here. Do I want him? YES!! He’s a great addition to our pitching staff. We just gave up a lot in Flowers. If Flowers was excluded in the deal and so was Boone Logan, this would have been a fair deal for both sides.
I did not expect us to use Flowers, but his value is so high right now that we could have gotten so much more back. 

Now I would have been a lot better if Dye was included. That would have made the deal great while filling in two holes with a trade. Hopefully we can still get him.
Lillibridge has great potential, but he just needs to learn how to hit! His fielding is great though. Boone has been SO inconsistent with the Sox also, so we aren’t getting much but another arm for the bullpen. I hope to learn more about the deal when Wren talks about it. hopefully we are getting someone else or we aren’t giving up as much.
My overall ranking for this trade as of now: 7 out of 10 stars.

If I were Towers right now, I might have had a heart attack. Flowers was someone he really wanted, and now he is out of here. It probably means that he needs to make a deal soon so we won’t trade anyone else he had his eyes on. Hopefully he caves in a couple of days. And other Braves fans, don’t get nervous that we are gonna empty our farm system. As of now, we barely touched it. Even the Peavy trade won’t hurt it. I am going to guess as of now if Kotchman gets injured, Prado will move to 1st and Infante or Kelly will move to 2nd. We lost both Thorman and Flowers as possible 1st base candidates.

Keep the moves coming Wren! We want Peavy or Burnett next!