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Odd Man Out?

As you know, the Braves signed Kenshin Kawakami and Derek Lowe this week. Recently, I learned from David O’Brien about Tim Hudson’s option

Almost forgot to mention this: I asked about Hudson’s option today,
and found out it’s not a mutual option, but a club option. Yes, they
fully intend to exercise it, barring some unexpected turn of events.

That would give the Braves potentially one of the most formidable
rotations in baseball, featuring five from this group: Hudson, Lowe,
Jurrjens, Vazquez, Kawakami and Hanson.

– David  O’Brien

Just imagine this rotation. Hudson, Lowe, Jurrjens, and 2 pitchers out of Vaquez, Kawakami, and Hanson. That is amazing. Campillo would go back to the bullpen and one of the players in the rotation would have to get moved. There could be a chance we move one of them to the bullpen or use them in a trade, but who knows what would happen. We might even go to a 6 man rotation. There are so many things that could happen. I don’t think Hanson or Jurrjens will go back to the minors and Hudson’s option will get picked up. Who knows what will happen. There is a chance that Hanson isn’t as good as we thought, Kawakami doesn’t pan out, Hudson can’t come back after TJ surgery, or Jurrjens was a fluke last year. Anything could happen, so I am pretty sure that we will keep all of them. If one gets injured, then we have plenty of options to replace him.

I can guarantee that Morton or Reyes or even both will be gone after this season or the next. Parr and Campillo will be in the bullpen after this year. They just couldn’t make it in the rotation. I can’t imagine that Soriano will be with us after next year either. We have just completely loaded our rotation and rotation that we have to get rid of some. Good thing Chuck James left after being nontendered because there is no way he could have made this years rotation or the next, even if he went back to the 11 win man.

I am predicting that we go with a 6 man rotation with Campillo and Parr moving to the bullpen, Reyes will get traded and we will keep Morton, and Soriano will leave after this year in Free Agency. Next year the outfield will be like this with Frenchy, Anderson, Schafer, Hernandez, Blanco, possibly Jones, Heyward, Diaz, and Brandon Jones.

2009 Needs

Power hitting outfielder who hits over .250

Will Ohman

 Another Lefty Starter just in case

Players I predict we will get

Andruw Jones

Nick Swisher

Will Ohman 

Tom Glavine

Hanson was in line for the win but…

Well as most know, Phoenix beat Mesa in the championship. Hanson was starting for Mesa and went strong for 5 innings only allowing 1 run on 3 hits while walking 1 and striking out 8. Right when he left (pitch count too high) Mesa’s bullpen allowed 9 runs. Unbelievable. Mesa only put up 4 runs and not much went right for them except for Hanson. Out of the 3 Braves hitters playing, Flowers went 0-4 with a field error, allowed one stolen base, and caught one stealing, Matt Young went 1-5 with 3 strikeouts, and Van Pope went 1-4 with a double, a run, and 2 strikeouts.
On a good note, Flowers led the league in Home runs. Hanson also won the Triple Crown, leading the league in ERA, strikeouts, and wins. Hanson will also most likely win the MVP award for the AFL having a lights-out season. Flowers will probably receive MVP consideration, but he will come in 5th or 6th.
Hopefully we can get Hanson in the majors as soon as possibly, but not rush him like Morton or Reyes. Flowers might be in the majors in the ’10 season.

Time to look for trade bait?

As the World Series is going on, the Braves need to start thinking who to trade when December comes. I personally want to see Reyes, Miller, James, and some of our bullpen out of Atlanta. Of course these players do not have very much if not no trade value, but it is possible to throw them in a trade somewhere to continue to build our farm system. Players with trade value that have been thrown in some trade rumors are Lillibridge, Morton, Reyes (since he is young and could be a possible 4th or 5th starter), Brandon Jones, possibly Escobar, Johnson OR Prado (one will probably get traded, Kotchman (which is not likely but could possibly happen if a good deal comes around), Flowers (due to McCann at Catcher and Freeman at 1st base), Blanco, possibly Diaz, and MAYBE Soriano. It is not positive that Wren will even trade this season because of this year’s free agency market this year. Dunn, Peavy, Burnett, Burrell, Nady, maybe CC or Sheets, Lowe, Garland, and MAYBE JUST MAYBE Teixeira are all players that we are watching this off-season. Wren has already announced we are not giving up our top prospects, so the Peavy deal is not a “done deal” just yet.