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Now it’s time to Stop Playing Games

Why Towers? This is seriously gone too far for too long. I want Peavy now as most of us do. Towers is going to try to get more out of us for him, or he is seriously going to send him to the Cubs using the Orioles.
COME ON! We can’t let this guy


Get in our way of Jake

This is what I would be willing to give up
Escobar, Morton  AND  Reyes if necessary, Locke, Boyer, Hernandez, and maybe another player such as Ascota or a couple of low level prospects. That is lightyears better than what they would be getting from the Cubs. I don’t want a player such as Locke to be blocking one of the greatest players in the game. Wren needs to do what he has do, but don’t give up Hanson or Schafer. They have big upsides and could even become close to what Peavy is after a couple of years.
In other news, Tazawa decided to spend 2 years in the Red Sox AAA instead of going somewhere else and starting. I really wanted him to come to the Braves, but that is not going to happen.
Well Wren, it’s time to get started before the REAL trouble begins when teams miss out on Burnett and Sabathia. Then we have the Sox, the Yanks, and both LA teams going in for Peavy. The Angels actually look like they could be competitive with our offer. If we can get Peavy early, we can get Burnett and Furcal as well. Then, the Braves will be back.

Will the Braves go for 5?

A.J. Burnett will not sign a contract unless it is a 5 year deal. The Yankees have declined to do that, opening a huge doorway for the Braves. But do the Braves want to go 5?? Burnett, as most know, is injured ALL THE TIME. Out of his 10 year career, he has only pitched over 200 innings 3 times. Pretty scary.
http://www.baseball-reference.com/b/burnea.01.shtml – this site can show you all his stats over his career. He does have a 3.81 ERA and is usually lights out when he isn’t injured. Sheets is another option and will most likely sign a contract for 2-3 years. He is also lights out when he’s healthy but I don’t know what kind of chances Wren wants to take because of last year’s injuries. I actually want to take a chance on Burnett and the Blue Jays look likely to do that too. It is a huge sign of relief if the Yanks don’t bid on Burnett so we don’t have to compete with a 20 million a year contract. These are our most likely options for next year’s rotation in order: Peavy, Hampton, Glavine, Burnett, Lowe, Tazawa, Garland, and Sheets.  I think we can get 2 of those players. The other players on our team to fill in spots in the rotation are Campillo, Parr, Morton, Reyes, Hanson, Redmond, Carlyle, and James. I doubt we will do much this offseason with the outfield. If we don’t trade for Ankiel or Ludwick or don’t sign Ibanez, then look for a Schafer/Diaz, Anderson/Diaz, and Frenchy outfield.


Let the Games Begin!

Well the Free Agent Market reopened today and this is where all the excitement is. There are a few names out there that the Braves are looking at.
Burnett, Lowe, Dempster, Tazawa, Furcal and Renteria(depends on Peavy deal), Sheets, and Garland.
Former Braves in the FAM that the Braves might bring back: Smoltz, Norton, Ohman, and Smoltz.
Although the outfield may be covered by prospects (Schafer and Anderson), Wren might find one through trade with Ankiel, Ordonez, Ludwick, and Andruw Jones the most likely. In the FAM, there is also Dunn, Burrell, and Ibanez.
Look for a surprise trade as well or a trade to get rid of players such as Diaz, Thorman, Miller, Acosta, and a couple of smaller prospects.
Sabathia, Tex, and Ramirez ARE NOT gonna become Braves so stop thinking about it now. If the Braves get the Peavy deal done and sign Burnett or Lowe, then expect them to resign either Hampton, Glavine, or a 2nd tier pitcher. If Glavine retires, Hampton goes elsewhere, and there is not good FA available, expect Parr, Morton, Reyes, or Hanson to get called up. Campillo is most likely a starter next year so it will be a
FA/Parr/Morton/Reyes/Hanson rotation.

Outfielder or Pitcher? I’m Hoping Both

As most Braves fans know, this offseason we are trying to find an ace to help out Jurrjens and another pitcher, AND a power-hitting outfielder. Which one should we spend more money on? In my opinion it is pitching. The most possible options are Lowe, Peavy, Garland, Burnett, Sheets, Dempster, Tazawa, possibly Sabathia, and maybe even Oliver Perez. Outfield options are Holliday, Ordonez, maybe Nady or maybe Bay, Manny Ramirez (not likely but possible), Rocco Baldelli, Atkins is possible, Burrell, Dunn, Ibanez, Griffey, Andruw Jones (I have heard lots of talk about him), and Delmon Young. Wren might find most of his needs in the free agent market since he does not want to trade his prospects. 45 million to spend, but who are we gonna spend it on? I’m thinking we need to start trading to make it a little more and then going for Peavy, Burnett or Lowe, Ordonez or Holliday, and a new backup catcher who can hit over .250.

Changes to the Market
Brewers exercise option on Mike Cameron
Yankees sign Sergio Mitre
Rays declined 2009 options on Cliff Floyd and Trever Miller
Marlins Claim Dan Meyer off waivers from Athletics
The Royals exercised 2009 option with Miguel Olivo with possible 2010 option
Giants Sign Josh Phelps
Yankees Decline Options On Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano