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Apparently the word “furcaled” will become a new phrase in baseball from now on.

Furcaled  (pronounced fer-call-d) verb
Definition: Saying you will play for a team and then choosing another a day later. 
Words Close to it: Played, Lied to
Example: Griffey just furcaled the Braves.

Don’t mind my last post since it has no real meaning and I don’t want to change the title.

Am I mad? Of course. That and disappointed. When your 2nd favorite baseball player doesn’t choose your favorite team, you will be a little upset.
Are we not gonna be as good? The good thing is that we can easily improvise. He wasn’t what he was 10 years ago, so he is not as important. It would have been a great thing morale-wise and could have probably really helped our team, but I guess this is the way it goes.
Fire Frank Wren? No of course not. He has done a great job this offseason. Griffey WANTED TO go to Seattle. Burnett WANTED TO go to New York. Furcal WANTED TO go to L.A. Peavy COULDN’T come to Atlanta without giving up Hanson, which I totally agree with. Anyways Burnett, Furcal, Peavy, and Griffey not coming to Atlanta could have actually been a blessing. All 4 have had an injury over the last 2 years.
Who will play LF now? It will probably be Schafer in center with Anderson and Diaz in LF. That could definitely help us in the future by getting Anderson and Schafer lots of early playing time. Plus Frenchy could have a good season again. I think it’s very likely. 
Has this been a horrible offseason? Nope. To me it has been pretty decent. We were luck to have enough money to change our pitching staff. The outfield was really just extra. We got 2 extra bullpen arms (they could actually be decent next year), we got a backup catcher which we also really needed, we got 3 very good pitchers, and we don’t have Corky Miller or Chuck James on the team. Decent enough for me. Oh and we never lost any important players other than John Smoltz, but he was a free agent.
Should we blame David O’Brien of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution? No that has got to be a joke. If Griffey didn’t come because of that, then good since we didn’t want him. If you can’t take the media giving their opinion of where they think you will go, then you shoudln’t play baseball. Plus Jr’s friends told David a lot of the info. 
Who are still options in the outfield that aren’t already on the Braves? Swisher, Nady, Anderson, Edmonds, Gonzalez, Ankiel, and Ludwick.

I still think we can win the East. We have some really good players on our team. 

Other news

The Braves are talking extension with Chipper Jones.
That is music to my ears. This really needs to get done. I think he will probably get around a 3/18MM to a 3/24MM deal. There might be some options in it.
Braves avoid Arbitration with Jeff Francoeur.
Some more good news. He’ll be getting around $3.375 this year.  

Griffey a Brave?!

As many of you have heard, Ken Griffey Jr, a future Hall of Famer, will choose the the Braves over the Mariners. I am pretty excited about this in many ways.
1. He and Chipper and my favorite players playing the game.
2. He has some power and can still hit decent.
3. He’s cheap.
4. He can help us go back to the playoffs.
5. He might retire as a Brave.
6. He will give us enough time to fully develop Josh Anderson and/or Jordan Schafer.
7. Matt Diaz will get a good amount of at-bats.https://i2.wp.com/weblogs.newsday.com/sports/fantasy/baseball/griffey.jpg

The 13 time all star, Former MVP, over 10 time Gold Glover, will most likely play Left Field with Matt Diaz while letting Anderson or Schafer play center. I was hoping Abreu would be a Brave, but I am not too disappointed. He also have plenty of options if Griffey goes down from an injury.  

An interesting fact
Griffey’s dad, Ken Griffey, played left field for the Braves
when Tom Glavine made his debut.

Expect this deal to get finalized today or tomorrow. The deal should be around 2-3 million over 1 or 2 years.  


This deal should also get done in the next 35 hours. It will be around a 1-3 million dollar deal.
It seems like he will take the 5th spot in the rotation, meaning we have that done with. The only other deal I could possibly see is Ohman coming here for around 3 million, but it is unlikely. I do like the way our team looks and I think we are ready to take on the Mets and Phillies.    

Outfielder or Pitcher? I’m Hoping Both

As most Braves fans know, this offseason we are trying to find an ace to help out Jurrjens and another pitcher, AND a power-hitting outfielder. Which one should we spend more money on? In my opinion it is pitching. The most possible options are Lowe, Peavy, Garland, Burnett, Sheets, Dempster, Tazawa, possibly Sabathia, and maybe even Oliver Perez. Outfield options are Holliday, Ordonez, maybe Nady or maybe Bay, Manny Ramirez (not likely but possible), Rocco Baldelli, Atkins is possible, Burrell, Dunn, Ibanez, Griffey, Andruw Jones (I have heard lots of talk about him), and Delmon Young. Wren might find most of his needs in the free agent market since he does not want to trade his prospects. 45 million to spend, but who are we gonna spend it on? I’m thinking we need to start trading to make it a little more and then going for Peavy, Burnett or Lowe, Ordonez or Holliday, and a new backup catcher who can hit over .250.

Changes to the Market
Brewers exercise option on Mike Cameron
Yankees sign Sergio Mitre
Rays declined 2009 options on Cliff Floyd and Trever Miller
Marlins Claim Dan Meyer off waivers from Athletics
The Royals exercised 2009 option with Miguel Olivo with possible 2010 option
Giants Sign Josh Phelps
Yankees Decline Options On Jason Giambi and Carl Pavano