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Time to take a look at what has happened around our league since October 18th. These are players signed and players released.

This list will continue to be updated.

The list includes Minor League deals.

Gained Javier Vazquez, Boone Logan, David Ross, Eric O’Flaherty, Greg Norton, Kenshin Kawakami, Derek Lowe, Yoshinori Yamarin, Alvin Colina, Lance Niekro, Moises Hernandez, J.C. Boscan, Jose Camarena, Joe Borchard, Reid Gorecki, Jerome Gamble

Lost Brent Lillibridge, Tyler Flowers, Jon Gilmore, Santos Rodriguez, Chuck
James*, Eligio Lagua, Eliezer Murillo, Matt Timms, Tim Ladd, T.J. Wohlever, Mike Elkerson, Chad Maddox, Carl Loadenthal, Paul Bennett,  Jonathan Schuerholz

Gained Raul Ibanez, Ronny Paulino, John Mayberry, Scott Eyre, Chan Ho Park, Jamie Moyer, Yorman Bazardo, Yoel Hernandez, Justin Pope, Jason
Mackintosh, Joshua Shortslef, Brian
Stavisky, Casey Craig, Kevin Mahar, Wilkin Ruan, Mike
Spidale, Rich Thompson, Gary Majewsk, Marcus Giles, Pablo Ozuna, Damon Hollins, Kevin Nelson, Jorge Velandia, Jason Anderson, Dave Borkowski, Santos Hernandez, William Jackel, Steven Shepard, Jake Woods, Jason Ellison, Justin Lehr, Scott Mathieson, Blaine Neal, Terry Tiffee, Ozzie Chavez, J.J. Furmaniak, Chris Walker, Javis Diaz, Bobby Mosebach, John Suomi, Andy Tracy, Mike Cervenak, Pete Sikaras

Lost Greg Golson, Jason Jaramillo, Brett Harker, Ron Hill, Mike Eylward

Gained JJ Prutz, Francisco Rodriguez, Conner Robertson, Jeremy Reed, Sean Green, Tim Redding, Alex Cora, Casey Fossum, Argenis Reyes, Tom Martin, Cory Sullivan,  Freddy Garcia, Rob Mackowiak, Salvador Paniagua, Jason Cooper, Tim McNab, Omir Santos, Carl Loadenthal, John Madden, Darren O’Day, Rocky Cherry, Rene Rivera, Andy Green, Edgar Alfonzo, Adam Bostick, Jesus Feliciano, Kyle Snyder, Jon Switzer

Lost Scott Schoeneweis, Aaron Heilman, Endy Chavez, Mike Carp, Maikel Cleto, Ezequiel Carrera, Jason Vargas, Jason Lavorgna, Michael Parker, Darren Clark, Olmedo Saenz

Gained Scott Olsen, Josh Willingham, Bill Pena, Gregory Baez, Freddie Bynum, Brad Eldred, Joel Guzman, Pete Orr, Matt Whitney, Ryan Langerhans, Jorge Padilla, Mike Vento,
Bobby Brownlie, Preston Larrison, J.D. Martin, Ryan Wagner, Justin
Jones, Daniel Cabrera,  Jose Castillo, Corey Patterson, Gustavo Molina, Jorge Sosa, Gustavo Chacin, Wilfredo Ledezma, Josh Towers, Chris Rivera, Gary Glover, Ricardo Nanita, Dan Leatherman, Jemel Spearman, Matt Avery, Steve Schmoll, Zach Segovia, Justin Jones

Lost Emilio Bonifacio, Tim Redding*, Jesus Colome,  John Poppert, Mason Smith, Luis Ortega, Josh Perrault, Moises Corporan, Ryan Harrison, Vic Cegles, Frank Cruz, Bryan Miller, Ryan Buchter

Gained Emilio Bonifacio, Leo Nunez, Jose Ceda, Scott Proctor, Jay Gibbons, Jason Standridge, John Koronka, Kelly Shearer, Geraldo Valentin, Mike Wood, Andy Gonzalez, Brett Harker, Ron Hill, Ryan Klosterman, Zach Kroenke, Adalberto Mendez, Matt Craig, Brian Sanches, Chris de la Cruz, Kiko Calero, Jason Standridge 

Lost .Scott Olsen, Josh Willingham, Mike Jacobs, Kevin Gregg, Joe Nelson*, Matt Yourkin, Juan Franco

*non-tendered and did not sign a new contract

My rankings for the offseason

1. Braves      A

2. Mets        A

3. Phillies      B

4. Nationals  C+

5. Marlins      D+

Tell me if I missed anything.

Burnett a Yankee

Yankees signed A.J. Burnett to a five-year, $82.5MM deal. We essentially did nothing over the last week, and that may cause our season to already be over. You may say we had no chance to sign him, but we really did. Right now we are 1-4 with pitchers this offseason (Tazawa, Peavy, Burnett). We seriously NEED to steep it up right now.
Sheets is the next thing on our agenda. We could possibly bid for Derek Lowe, but it’s very unlikely. Right now I wished we would have keep Hampton. We also need to get a power-hitting outfielder. Since we aren’t gonna have that awesome rotation, we might as well get some major offense to heal the pain.
Someone like Ludwick might help, if he does prove last year wasn’t a fluke. We also need Sheets and another pitcher such as Garland. We night have to throw Smoltz in the rotation just because of experience and the fact we might end up with a rotation similar to
Vazquez, Jurrjens, Campillo, Morton, and Hanson. Throw Smoltz in for Morton and it might be a 3/5 star rotation. Maybe. Chuck James just got non-tendered, so he is a free agent. Didn’t see much in him anyway. He was just a trading chip at the best. Plus we freed a couple of thousand dollars and gave us back couple of extra wins that he would have made us lose.
Parr, Redmond, and Reyes are the other starters we have, so we are seriously screwed if we don’t get Sheets or just Anybody!
Come on Wren! Make something special happen!

Maybe we will be good in ’11 or ’12.