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Braves sign Kenshin Kawakami

According to multiple sources,  The Braves have signed Japanese righty pitcher Kenshin Kawakami to a 3 year/23MM contract. I am kind of late on this, but for a reason. I wanted to wait at least a day or two to make sure this wasn’t another Furcal incident. It is official now.

Kawakami has spent his whole career in Japan and has decided to move to the U.S. to play ball. Yeah he is not an ace, but he is a solid 4th or 3rd mid-rotation guy. He won an award equivalent to the Cy Young in Japan, so you know he will at least be decent. More on him will come when the deal becomes official.
This does make the Lowe to Atlanta deal more possible . If we can add him, our rotation will be decent enough to compete. There is still a possible Peavy trade, but you never know with the Padres management. Dunn, Nady, or Swisher will most likely be an Atlanta Brave by Spring Training.
Good signing Wren! Keep it up!

Braves sign super-utility player Omar Infante to a two-year 4.35MM deal with a club option. The 2011 club option is for $2.5MM with a $250K buyout. He was a big player last year due to all the injuries. He ended up played 2nd, SS, 3rd, LF, and CF. Another smart move by Wren. Maybe a bit much money wise, but it’s good nevertheless.  Omar Infante by The Suss-Man.

P.S. Corky Miller signed a minor league deal with the ChiSox. Now we don’t have to deal with him anymore!


Furcal Not A Brave

Well if you haven’t heard now, Furcal isn’t going to the Braves. After we had an agreement, he went and signed with the Dodgers. It isn’t looking to good for the Braves considering this is the third time this has happened…

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.

According to Ken Rosenthal, shortstop Rafael Furcal has reached an agreement with the Braves and just needs to pass a physical. It is a 3 year deal with a 4th year vesting option. This would be good news to the Braves considering he was a fan-favorite here in Atlanta and came up with up with the Braves. He also considers Bobby Cox someone like a father. As most of you know, he declined a 4 year 36mm from Oakland and is probably going to decline their 4 year 40mm deal as well.


There was lots of talk about him coming here during the Peavy talks when we considered moving Escobar to San Diego. A couple of things could happen here
1. We might continue talk with the Padres and send Yunel to SD.
2. We might trade Yunel somewhere else to get another player.
3. We might trade Kelly Johnson to the Cardnials for Ludwick or Ankiel
4. We might trade Kelly Johnson to SD in the Peavy deal.
5. We might trade Kelly Johnson to another team for other players.
6. We might keep both Kelly and Yunel and move Key back to left field, move either Yunel or Furcal to SS, and move the other to 2nd base.
The last one seems the most likely, but I am not sure what will happen. Prado might end up having to be the backup 2nd, 1st, and 3rd baseman. Gotay and Infante might not see as much playing time as well. Either Infante, Escobar, Prado, or Johnson will be traded most likely. Norton will most likely not return as well. 

Furcal is a good lead-off hitter and hits for average. He is NOT a power hitter, but if we can get a power hitter behind Chipper, we will be a good team (well at least if we get some more pitching). Oh and he will bring back one of the things that we thrived on during the 14 consecutive playoff years, Speed. We haven’t had that since he left. 

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has a source saying no agreement has been reached, but there is interest. I am hoping Rosenthal is right. We will have to play the waiting game for now.

Crasnick now says the Braves have a preliminary agreement with Furcal.

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.