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Now it’s time to Stop Playing Games

Why Towers? This is seriously gone too far for too long. I want Peavy now as most of us do. Towers is going to try to get more out of us for him, or he is seriously going to send him to the Cubs using the Orioles.
COME ON! We can’t let this guy


Get in our way of Jake

This is what I would be willing to give up
Escobar, Morton  AND  Reyes if necessary, Locke, Boyer, Hernandez, and maybe another player such as Ascota or a couple of low level prospects. That is lightyears better than what they would be getting from the Cubs. I don’t want a player such as Locke to be blocking one of the greatest players in the game. Wren needs to do what he has do, but don’t give up Hanson or Schafer. They have big upsides and could even become close to what Peavy is after a couple of years.
In other news, Tazawa decided to spend 2 years in the Red Sox AAA instead of going somewhere else and starting. I really wanted him to come to the Braves, but that is not going to happen.
Well Wren, it’s time to get started before the REAL trouble begins when teams miss out on Burnett and Sabathia. Then we have the Sox, the Yanks, and both LA teams going in for Peavy. The Angels actually look like they could be competitive with our offer. If we can get Peavy early, we can get Burnett and Furcal as well. Then, the Braves will be back.

Peavy looking like a Brave!!

The Braves are looking to trade for 07 Cy Winner Jake Peavy in a deal that includes 3 prospects and a major league ready player. There has been many names tossed around including Schafer, Medlen, Escobar, Kelly Johnson, Prado, Flowers, Heyward, Freeman, Anderson, and Hanson.
It is not positive that the Padres are going to let go of Peavy, but it is very possible with 2 or 3 of those players plus some other minor league talent in there. Peavy would waive his no-trade clause to Atlanta or Houston, but Houston does not really have the peices that the Padres need. There has also been talk of moving him to the Dodgers or the Yankees, but the Braves are the favorites. Khalil Greene could also be thrown in if Escobar is included in the deal. Schafer and Hanson are not likely to get dealt.
Smoltz, Glavine, Hampton, and Ohman are all free agents and could all be resigned for 09.
Lowe, Garlander, Sabathia, and Dempster are all possible pitchers the Braves are looking at. It could change depending if the Braves get Peavy.
Andruw Jones is looking to leave L.A. after a horrible 08 season.