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Apparently the word “furcaled” will become a new phrase in baseball from now on.

Furcaled  (pronounced fer-call-d) verb
Definition: Saying you will play for a team and then choosing another a day later. 
Words Close to it: Played, Lied to
Example: Griffey just furcaled the Braves.

Don’t mind my last post since it has no real meaning and I don’t want to change the title.

Am I mad? Of course. That and disappointed. When your 2nd favorite baseball player doesn’t choose your favorite team, you will be a little upset.
Are we not gonna be as good? The good thing is that we can easily improvise. He wasn’t what he was 10 years ago, so he is not as important. It would have been a great thing morale-wise and could have probably really helped our team, but I guess this is the way it goes.
Fire Frank Wren? No of course not. He has done a great job this offseason. Griffey WANTED TO go to Seattle. Burnett WANTED TO go to New York. Furcal WANTED TO go to L.A. Peavy COULDN’T come to Atlanta without giving up Hanson, which I totally agree with. Anyways Burnett, Furcal, Peavy, and Griffey not coming to Atlanta could have actually been a blessing. All 4 have had an injury over the last 2 years.
Who will play LF now? It will probably be Schafer in center with Anderson and Diaz in LF. That could definitely help us in the future by getting Anderson and Schafer lots of early playing time. Plus Frenchy could have a good season again. I think it’s very likely. 
Has this been a horrible offseason? Nope. To me it has been pretty decent. We were luck to have enough money to change our pitching staff. The outfield was really just extra. We got 2 extra bullpen arms (they could actually be decent next year), we got a backup catcher which we also really needed, we got 3 very good pitchers, and we don’t have Corky Miller or Chuck James on the team. Decent enough for me. Oh and we never lost any important players other than John Smoltz, but he was a free agent.
Should we blame David O’Brien of the Atlanta-Journal Constitution? No that has got to be a joke. If Griffey didn’t come because of that, then good since we didn’t want him. If you can’t take the media giving their opinion of where they think you will go, then you shoudln’t play baseball. Plus Jr’s friends told David a lot of the info. 
Who are still options in the outfield that aren’t already on the Braves? Swisher, Nady, Anderson, Edmonds, Gonzalez, Ankiel, and Ludwick.

I still think we can win the East. We have some really good players on our team. 

Other news

The Braves are talking extension with Chipper Jones.
That is music to my ears. This really needs to get done. I think he will probably get around a 3/18MM to a 3/24MM deal. There might be some options in it.
Braves avoid Arbitration with Jeff Francoeur.
Some more good news. He’ll be getting around $3.375 this year.  

Furcal Not A Brave

Well if you haven’t heard now, Furcal isn’t going to the Braves. After we had an agreement, he went and signed with the Dodgers. It isn’t looking to good for the Braves considering this is the third time this has happened…

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.

According to Ken Rosenthal, shortstop Rafael Furcal has reached an agreement with the Braves and just needs to pass a physical. It is a 3 year deal with a 4th year vesting option. This would be good news to the Braves considering he was a fan-favorite here in Atlanta and came up with up with the Braves. He also considers Bobby Cox someone like a father. As most of you know, he declined a 4 year 36mm from Oakland and is probably going to decline their 4 year 40mm deal as well.


There was lots of talk about him coming here during the Peavy talks when we considered moving Escobar to San Diego. A couple of things could happen here
1. We might continue talk with the Padres and send Yunel to SD.
2. We might trade Yunel somewhere else to get another player.
3. We might trade Kelly Johnson to the Cardnials for Ludwick or Ankiel
4. We might trade Kelly Johnson to SD in the Peavy deal.
5. We might trade Kelly Johnson to another team for other players.
6. We might keep both Kelly and Yunel and move Key back to left field, move either Yunel or Furcal to SS, and move the other to 2nd base.
The last one seems the most likely, but I am not sure what will happen. Prado might end up having to be the backup 2nd, 1st, and 3rd baseman. Gotay and Infante might not see as much playing time as well. Either Infante, Escobar, Prado, or Johnson will be traded most likely. Norton will most likely not return as well. 

Furcal is a good lead-off hitter and hits for average. He is NOT a power hitter, but if we can get a power hitter behind Chipper, we will be a good team (well at least if we get some more pitching). Oh and he will bring back one of the things that we thrived on during the 14 consecutive playoff years, Speed. We haven’t had that since he left. 

ESPN’s Jerry Crasnick has a source saying no agreement has been reached, but there is interest. I am hoping Rosenthal is right. We will have to play the waiting game for now.

Crasnick now says the Braves have a preliminary agreement with Furcal.

Apparently Yahoo’s Tim Brown said Furcal is “nearing an agreement with the Dodgers.”
This isn’t good.

Well Now What?

We finally did something positive this offseason by trading for Javier Vazquez. He is due for 11.5 per year. We started with 45 million and we will definitely have to use it all. Don’t forget we signed Eric O’Flaherty to a 400,000 per year contract as well. We probably lost around 400,000 with the players we traded for Vazquez, but Vazquez is going to get paid 11.5million
 a year.Javier Vazquez by Kevin.Ward.

This leaves around 33.5 million left. We still have some major needs though (Dye/Ankiel/Ludwick, Renteria/Furcal, Peavy and Burnett) and we may have to settle with the cheap options. Ludwick looks more likely now than Dye does since Ludwick makes 500,000 a year. If we sign Furcal or Renteria, it can’t be higher than 11 million a year. Peavy will make 15 million next year I think, but I’m sure I’m wrong. Burnett will likely make 17million a year.
I’ll say
500,000 Ludwick
10,000,000 Furcal
11,000,000 Peavy
That’s 21.5 million leaving us with around 12 million left. We will obviously lose some of our salary with the players we trade for Peavy and Ludwick, but we still need to sign Smoltz and possibly Ohman, Norton, and Glavine. I’m hoping we only sign Smoltz, Norton, and Ohman though.
We will have to trade a couple of other players now if we want to fill in our needs. Matt Diaz looks like with his 1.25million salary last year.Escobar and Boyer also will most likely be included in the Peavy deal and they will make around 1 million.
We will just have to see what Wren has up his sleeves. If we can trade off a couple of players and sign a shortstop to less than 10million a year, we might be able to fulfill our needs. We will most likely have either Burnett or Peavy this year. I don’t think we will get both.
Jake Peavy  by SD Dirk.

What do you think we should do?

Braves are apparently close to signing David Ross to a 2 year contract. It is worth around $3.5 million. This would be great, but that would almost currently mean either the Peavy deal or the Burnett signing are not going to happen. I still say the Peavy deal is most likely to happen because Burnett might not sign with us even though we are going to offer him a 5 year contract.
 Anyways, David Ross would be a great backup catcher and would be a significant upgrade to both Sammons and Miller combined. Corky Miller is almost certain to either get traded or released if Ross signs. Sammons will likely stay with the Braves organization and will be called up as the backup when he is ready.
 David Ross Hitting by dslrnovice.    


Now it’s time to Stop Playing Games

Why Towers? This is seriously gone too far for too long. I want Peavy now as most of us do. Towers is going to try to get more out of us for him, or he is seriously going to send him to the Cubs using the Orioles.
COME ON! We can’t let this guy


Get in our way of Jake

This is what I would be willing to give up
Escobar, Morton  AND  Reyes if necessary, Locke, Boyer, Hernandez, and maybe another player such as Ascota or a couple of low level prospects. That is lightyears better than what they would be getting from the Cubs. I don’t want a player such as Locke to be blocking one of the greatest players in the game. Wren needs to do what he has do, but don’t give up Hanson or Schafer. They have big upsides and could even become close to what Peavy is after a couple of years.
In other news, Tazawa decided to spend 2 years in the Red Sox AAA instead of going somewhere else and starting. I really wanted him to come to the Braves, but that is not going to happen.
Well Wren, it’s time to get started before the REAL trouble begins when teams miss out on Burnett and Sabathia. Then we have the Sox, the Yanks, and both LA teams going in for Peavy. The Angels actually look like they could be competitive with our offer. If we can get Peavy early, we can get Burnett and Furcal as well. Then, the Braves will be back.

My Most Recent Predictions

I have predicted many, many lineups for the Braves this year, but now I am going to make my final prediction and stick to it until it’s no longer possible. I will also predicted any MAJOR trades/free agent signings. It’s impossible to know all the little AAA and AA guys we sign that can’t make it on majors. Well here it is.
C- McCann. No comment here. Sammons will be the backup unless one gets injured. Then Flowers gets the call up
1st- Kotchman. I could see Prado, McCann if needed, Thorman, or even Flowers playing here —–IF—- needed.
2nd- Prado. Infante and Gotay will back him up.
3rd- Chipper. Again no comment except that Infante, Gotay, and Prado could back him up
SS- Furcal. Renteria is another choice but I’m giving my pick to the man who we made into what he is today. Lillibridge and Prado will be backups, NO INFANTE HERE. Oh and yes Escobar is a Padre next year.
OF- Frenchy, Schafer, and…….Dye. The big surprise here is…… Andruw Jones ladies and gentlemen!! Andruw will be a Brave, but only used as a backup. The other backup includes Anderson, Infante, and Diaz.

Transactions- Peavy for Jojo, Esco, Boyer, Hernanadez, and Locke. Dye and Vazquez for Brandon Jones and a couple of Prospects. Jones for a couple of prospects with little value and the Dodgers will pay most of his contract.  Kelly Johnson, Blanco and Chuck James will be included in one of the three and I am going to say so will Morton along with those prospects.

1. Peavy
2. Burnett
3. Jurrjens
4. Vazquez with Hanson in at the middle of the year.
5. Campillo with Hudson replacing him when he’s ready.
WHEN someone gets injured, the following pitchers will replace them in order: Redmond, Hanson, Bennett, and Carlyle

Smoltz- Closer
Soriano- 2nd Closer
Gonzalez- 3rd Closer
Parr- yes he is usually a starter but I say move him to the ‘pen
There are gonna be maybe a couple of other guys but I’m not sure how they will do during Spring Training.
Thorman, Stockman, Hanson, and Redmond will probably see some time during the season, but there are so many guys on Atlanta’s roster that I’m not sure about so I won’t say I’m sure they will.

Yes there are a heck of a lot crazy trades that may occur, but this is just how I see it. We will use every penny of that 45 million for it though. The Andruw thing might not fall though because of money issues, but I won’t guess on the money.

Glavine will retire , Hampton won’t resign, and we will get rid of Miller forever. A couple of other things will happen but I’m not sure what they will be.

Feel free to call me crazy, but I am only giving you my opinions. Anyone who wants to share comments, opinions, or thoughts, feel free to comment.

Has Towers Met His Match?

Finally, the Cubs are no longer trying to get Peavy.

Today Lou Piniella said that they will no longer pursuit Peavy  and will focus on an outfielder. Towers, as we all thought, will come crawling back to the Braves’ offer, but will the Braves have the same offer? Furcal and Renteria seem like the most likely and only options for the Braves if we decide to trade Escobar in the Peavy deal. I prefer Furcal since he hit around .357 before coming on the DL  for the rest of the season. His back is suppose to be better and I would definitely take him since Renteria hit in the .260s with around 55 RBI’s and 10 HRs. I am well aware that he has a .300 average in the NL, but you never know what will happen.
Anyways, I’m happy Towers can not use the Cubs name in the trade anymore, but I feel like he might just throw in the Dodgers and/or the Yankees name in it. Let’s just hope we can get this deal done before Sabathia signs and Renteria and Furcal go elsewhere. It is now the MAIN PRIORITY in my opinion. Once we get this Peavy deal done, not only will I sleep well, but we can focus on the other things that will make the Braves contenders yet again!